Celebrating Graduate Students at UNK

Posted: April 3, 2018 9:00:00 AM CDT

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Starting a graduate program, whether on campus or online, is a huge investment for students—one that takes incredible dedication and a careful balance of commitments.

During Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week, April 2-6, I’m pleased to recognize our graduate students and highlight what they contribute to the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Here are just a few reasons to celebrate their many accomplishments.

Their enhanced skills create a stronger workforce.

I believe we attract some of the top students in the country while offering a tuition structure that is among the most affordable. Many graduate students are working in professional fields, adding education to their schedule and implementing what they learn into their jobs right away. I am amazed at their ability to juggle full-time careers, families, and still do top-notch research and graduate work that benefit their employer, profession, and community. 

Their collaboration builds professional connections.

Graduate students, including those who study online, feel a deep connection to UNK, their faculty, and fellow graduate students. Time and again, they have told me how much they enjoy the relationships they’ve made through our programs, which is a tribute to our dedicated faculty as well as to students who carry onward a thriving culture of networking and collaboration.

Their academic drive inspires all of us.

When I began my position at UNK in 2006, graduate students numbered around 650. Today, that enrollment has more than doubled. I am proud of the work of UNK eCampus and our faculty to expand online programs and services in response to student needs. As a result, graduate students (both current and alumni) get the word out so others can pursue the same quality education at UNK. A fair number of graduate students come from the same company or community, and their word-of-mouth support encourages new graduate students while inspiring us to keep enhancing their experience.

We will continue enhancing our online graduate programs and on-campus graduate programs to support graduate and professional student needs, now and throughout the year. I am extremely proud of our graduate students at UNK.

Dr. Kenya Taylor
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, 
and Dean for Graduate Studies & Research

By: Kenya Taylor

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