How to Survive Online Coursework After Spring Break

Posted: March 12, 2018 10:00:00 AM CDT

spring campus photoLet’s face it: by this time in the semester, we all need—and deserve—a little vacation from coursework. With spring break just around the corner, the University of Nebraska at Kearney offers tips for how to take a break from online coursework without falling behind when classes commence.

1. Look ahead at details, not just deadlines.

Assignments that are due directly after spring break need to stay on your radar screen, but knowing the details of those assignments ahead of time is just as crucial. For example, is a paper abstract due, or an entire first draft of the paper? Does a project require collaboration? Knowing the details can minimize stress and prevent surprises. 

2. Take care of your to-dos before the break.

Although many tasks can wait until after the break, anything you do beforehand can help you later on. Do you need to request a meeting with your advisor? Schedule a proctored exam? Start your graduation travel plans? The more you do before spring break, the better.

3. Ask questions, no matter how many.

It’s okay to be that student who always has a question. Faculty are eager to ensure that you receive clarification about an assignment or idea from the course. Check your course syllabus for answers first, and then ask your questions as early as possible.    

4. Hit the ground running when you get back.

Take advantage of your refreshed state of mind by tackling coursework early in the week following the break, or even during the weekend before classes start up. Review any correspondence for the course that you may have missed, and be sure that no details have changed as you start your next assignment.

UNK offers online student resources to help you at any time during the semester, including library resources, test proctor information, links to technology assistance, and more.

Have a restful spring break and a productive return to coursework!  

By: Rosanna Vail

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