Roadmap for Returning to UNK

Posted: January 9, 2018 10:30:00 AM CST

Nebraska map imageIt's never too late to finish the undergraduate degree you started at the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK), even if you no longer live near the campus. UNK offers a pathway to return to your degree program—or transition into a different one—whether you come back on campus or online.

Make your way through these milestones to follow the blue and the gold to your UNK degree.

Milestone #1: Find the program that meets your needs now.

Search iconIf your interests or career needs have changed since you started your degree, you can explore other program options. See UNK's complete list of undergraduate programs, or choose from eight online undergraduate programs to decide whether you want to continue in the degree program you started or pursue a different one.

Milestone #2: Reach out to UNK with your questions.

Ask iconComplete this quick online form to let us know your specific questions or concerns about returning to UNK, even if you haven't decided on the program you want to pursue. We can provide information you need or help you explore the best program options or approach for coming back based on your situation.

Milestone #3: Organize and tackle your application requirements.

Apply iconAfter consulting with UNK, keep track of any exams, transcripts, letters, forms, or other application requirements or deadlines for your program. This helps ensure that you can start at UNK during the semester you plan to return, whether on campus or online. Begin the transfer student application process by uploading and saving information as you make progress on your requirements. Then submit your completed application.

Milestone #4: Prepare for your first semester back at UNK.

Prepare iconOnce UNK has reviewed your application, you will receive information about your admissions status and how to get started. To help you succeed in your program as soon as you return, UNK offers many student services and resources on campus and online—from a tuition payment plan, to technology support, to academic and career services.

Unsure about returning to UNK? Feel free to contact the Office of Undergraduate Recruitment & Admissions by phone at 308.865.8526 or 800.532.7639, or email

By: Rosanna Vail

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