Landing the Job: Accessible Career Services for Online Students at UNK

Posted: June 12, 2017 10:00:00 AM CDT

career services wordleNon-traditional students returning to school for degree completion or graduate studies typically have specific career goals in mind—from qualifying for a new job, to position advancement, to career shift. What can online students do to improve the chances of landing that dream job?

The Academic and Career Services office at the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK) provides free resources that are accessible to online students and graduates at all stages of a job search.

Career Assessment through FOCUS 2. The first step to finding the right job is a self-assessment to determine interests and how a degree connects with a job path. FOCUS 2 helps students make informed employment decisions by first developing a career and education plan. An advisor in UNK Academic and Career Services can provide insight about the results, including potential degree and career choices.

National Job Postings on Handshake. Both students and alumni can connect to employment opportunities through UNK’s partnership with an online resource called Handshake. This service facilitates national job or internship placement and helps employers recruit the best candidates. UNK provides an extensive list of additional search tools for employment or networking.

Resume Review with UNK Career Advisors. A fresh pair of eyes and feedback from career and employment experts can maximize the quality and impact of application materials. UNK Academic and Career services reports that employers typically spend about 10 seconds reviewing a resume, so every portion must be strategically put together. UNK’s best practices and samples can help.

Interview Practice through Big Interview. Once at the interview stage, being prepared for any question an employer may have could make the difference in getting the job offer—or a second interview. UNK’s interactive Big Interview site provides recorded practice interview sessions as well as tips, from making a great first impression through post-interview tasks.

Connect to Career Services

Students and alumni can access all resources, request guest accounts, or schedule an appointment to talk with a career advisor through UNK Academic and Career Services. For a complete list of services and resources that are accessible to online students, see UNK eCampus student resources.

By: Rosanna Vail

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