Canvas brown bag luncheon

Posted: April 5, 2017 12:00:00 AM CDT

In our Canvas brown bag luncheon on Tuesday April 4, our presenters talked about specific course design that they used. 

Michael DeLorm spoke about how he used the Attendance in his Canvas class.
Ben Malczyk demonstrate how he used the Syllabus as his Home Page. 
Ben Brachle spoke about how he created a Page that linked to other Pages for his Home Page.
Jeff Wells talked about using Modules for his Home Page. 
Shahla Alavi established that one of the easiest ways to share documents on Canvas is to use the Files system.
Dick Meyers talked about using Assignments as his main feature in his Course.

To watch the video of this presentation click on watch the Canvas luncheon video.

By: Shahla Alavi

Category: Instructional Technology, Information Technology Services

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