In this December 2017 issue:

Holiday Closedown

December Holiday closedown for 2017 begins on Monday, December 25th and concludes on Monday, January 1st. Staff will return to work on Tuesday, January 2nd. Spring semester classes begin on January 8th, 2018. Staff should enter their floating holiday request for December 26-29th (32 hours) as soon as possible.

Paid holidays will be December 25th and January 1st. Floating holidays will be December 26th through December 29th. If you have questions or you do not have enough leave time to cover this time period, please contact Human Resources at 865-8426.

2017 W-2 Forms

The University of Nebraska system allows all employees to opt to receive their W-2 through Employee Self Service (Firefly). Please consider opting for the electronic version to save paper and distribution time. Those that choose to receive an electronic W-2 through Firefly will receive their W-2 statement about a week earlier than those who receive paper W-2 forms. Only employees who elect an electronic W-2 will be able to view their W-2 form throughout the year. To enroll, log into Firefly>Employee Self Service>Payment>Enroll for 2017 Tax Year W-2 Online Delivery. Please contact Human Resources at 865-8426 with any questions.

This is also a good time to review your address listed in Employee Self Service (Personal Information>Address & Emergency Contact) to confirm that your contact information is current. The address listed in an employee’s “permanent address” is where all benefit and payroll related information is sent, so it is important that the information is correct.

Unrelated Business Income Tax Reporting

The Finance Office is preparing to calculate UNK's Unrelated Business Income Tax for the 2016-2017 fiscal year. If your department has had any income from a trade or business (the production of income from the sale of goods or the performance of a service) which is regularly carried on and which is NOT substantially related to the performance of the institution's tax exempt purpose of Education, you may be generating Unrelated Business Income.

Areas of potential exposure include:

Facility Rentals
Merchandise Sales
Catering and Food Service
Advertising Income
Camps (not sponsored by UNK)
Sales of Services to others outside UNK
Concession Income
Broadcast Rights

UNK's areas of UBIT exposure are being reported to the IRS along with the other University of Nebraska campuses. No actual taxes are assessed to your department's cost object.

Please respond to Debbie Tvrdy in the Finance Office if you think that you may have an area of exposure within your department's activities. Each potential exposure area will be analyzed separately.

Construction Project Submittal Deadline Approaches

The deadline for submitting construction projects to Facilities Management and Planning is February 28, 2018, for projects to be completed prior to the Fall 2018 semester. Projects included with this deadline range from larger renovation work (involving multiple subcontractors) to small room modifications (moving walls, power receptacles, etc.) to simple renewal projects (paint and carpet).

Projects will need to be submitted with funding source and Space Alteration form, refer to link here.

If there are additional questions or concerns, please contact Facilities at ext. 1700.

Update Your Beneficiaries

You can designate your Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation via Firefly Employee Self Service (ESS) – Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation. This application will allow you to electronically manage your life insurance beneficiaries.To update retirement plan beneficiaries, view your TIAA and/or Fidelity account.

Employee Tuition Remission

Allocation of tuition remission credits for the Spring Semester can now be entered and final submission is Friday, February 2nd, 2018. Allocate credits via Firefly/ESS, under Benefits, click “Employee & Dependent Scholarship”. For employees utilizing KSC forms, please visit the link below. For questions, please call 865-8516.


Leave Requests for 2018

Effective immediately users participating in Firefly's Employee Self Service (ESS) Leave Request process will be able to request vacation or sick leave for the 2018 calendar year. For the remainder of 2017, employees will be limited to requesting up to 40 hours of vacation leave and up to 40 hours of sick leave for 2018.

When viewing your leave balances, the 2018 submitted/approved leave will not appear on your current balances until January 1, 2018. However, the approved leave will be displayed in your View/Delete tab and on the leave calendar.

leave request image             leave request image

If you try to submit over 40 hours of vacation leave or 40 hours of sick leave for 2018, you will receive the following error message:

leave request image

Contact your campus or college Human Resource department for questions about the 2018 leave requests or to learn more about the process.

REMINDER: Snow Removal Lots

There will be NO PARKING allowed in Commuter (yellow) only lots from midnight to 6:00 a.m., November 1st to April 1st.

In the event of snow during a time in which parking is allowed, a SNOW EMERGENCY may be declared, at which time there will be NO PARKING in designated lots. Signs will be posted in designated lots. Faculty, Staff and Students will be notified by email and other means when possible. It will be the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle to watch weather conditions and take appropriate steps.

Snow Removal Lots will be enforced during all the breaks.

Employee Achievement/Teamwork Excellence Award Nomination Forms

Employees and Departments/Groups of Employees can be nominated for different awards. The awards are presented monthly during the Staff Senate meetings.

Please consider nominating a staff member or group who has demonstrated excellence. It’s time to show our colleagues how much we appreciate what they do and why we’re so very proud to be Lopers!!



For further information, please go to:

Business & Finance – Policies & Procedures

Orientation for New Employees to B & F Procedures