In this May 2016 issue:


New Construction – Parking Lot Addition

Construction on the addition to parking lot 8 (north east corner of 25th street and 9th avenue), will begin on/or shortly after June 1st.  Some of the parking stalls in the current student section of lot 8 will be blocked to facilitate construction equipment.  Thank you for your patience as we begin this construction.

Laptops, iPads and Other Electronic Devices in SAP Objects on Loan

As the academic semester comes to a close, campus departments must reclaim items assigned to any employee that will not be returning in the fall.  The Objects on Loan Update Form should be used to submit any updates to Human Resources. Sapphire > Business Forms > UNK > Finance Office > Objects on Loan Update Form

Employees can review items assigned to them in SAP Objects on Loan by going to Firefly > Employee Self Service > Employment Information > Objects on Loan.

Departments can review information for all employees in their department by running a report in SAP. Sapphire > Reference Guides > UNK > Finance Office > SAP Objects on Loan Report Instructions

Contact Chris Moran at #8785 with any questions.

Enforcement of Pre-Trip Authorization and Trip Expense Reporting

UNK Policy and Procedures requires Pre-Trip Authorization for employee travel be completed in the automated SAP travel (TRIP) system unless a blanket pre-trip authorization is on file due to recurring travel that is related to a single and ongoing business purpose.  (See University Travel policies in the Policy & Procedure document found on the Business & Finance webpage of the UNK website - http://www.unk.edu/bf/_files/PoliciesAndProcedures.pdf#nameddest=Travel_Overview).

Beginning July 1, 2016, if an employee TRIP expense report is submitted to Accounts Payable and that trip does not have an automated pre-trip authorization or a blanket pre-trip authorization on file, the SAP TRIP workflow and all documentation will be returned to the travel coordinator or employee.  Accounts Payable will be unable to process the travel reimbursement request until one of these forms of pre-authorization can be provided to our office. 

Additionally, in order to accurately reflect the true and complete cost of a trip, Accounts Payable will be enforcing the requirement for all paid-by-University expenses (items not reimbursable to the employee/traveler) be itemized on the automated SAP TRIP expense report and supported with documentation to allow for complete pre-audit functions as required by the State of Nebraska.

Review sessions are being planned for this summer/early fall and all travel coordinators, travelers and travel approvers are encouraged to attend.  Topics will include a review of allowable and non-allowable expenses, documentation requirements, “how-to” complete an automated pre-trip and subsequent trip expense reports and more.

Please direct questions to Accounts Payable personnel at -8419.

Employee Tuition Remission

Allocation of tuition remission credits for the Summer and Fall Semesters can now be entered. Allocate credits via Firefly/ESS, under Benefits, click “Employee & Dependent Scholarship”. For employees utilizing KSC forms, please visit the link below. For questions, please call 8516.


Graduation Gift Idea

Loper Dollars make a great gift for a high school graduate who will be attending UNK next fall. Loper Dollars can be used at all campus dining locations, the Antelope Bookstore, the UNK Technology Store, copiers, printers and vending machines. Remember, purchases at campus dining locations using Loper Dollars are discounted 20% automatically! Contact the Finance Office for more information at 8012.

Fiscal Year End Reference Guides

Several reference guides are available in Sapphire to assist you in understanding what happens to surplus budgets at the end of the fiscal year as well as fiscal year closing policies, procedures, dates and deadlines. See Sapphire > Reference Guides > UNK > Finance Office > Fiscal Year End. Please contact Jill Purdy at 8421 with any questions.

Departments Handling Credit Card Numbers

Departments who handle customer credit card information must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCIDSS).  PCI compliance mitigates risk, protects the University from the costs of a breach, and strengthens overall security. When the University complies with the PCIDSS, it not only protects itself, but also its students, employees, alumni and customers.

The requirements for departments include:

  • Approval by the Finance Office prior to acceptance of payment cards (credit or debit) as a means of payment regardless of the transaction method or technology used (e-commerce, POS device, in person, telephone, fax or mail).
  • Approval by Information Technology Services of all technology implementation to process any payment card transaction, including internet payment service providers such as PayPal.
  • Establish department procedures for safeguarding cardholder information and secure storage of data. An updated copy of these procedures signed by the department head must be submitted to the Finance Office annually.
  • Annual security control attestation to assure understanding of the requirements to comply with payment card merchant safeguards. Attestation form provided by the Finance Office.
  • Breach of security reported immediately to ITS at schroederd@unk.edu, Finance Office at purdyj@unk.edu, and Public Safety at davisjf@unk.edu. If you suspect loss or theft of any materials containing cardholder data, you are required to report the incident as soon as possible. See Information Security Incident Reporting and Response Procedures. 

Contact Jill Purdy at #8421 with any questions.

Severe Weather Reminder

We are now in the season for severe weather. When severe weather hits our region we will use the UNKAlert notification system to notify students, faculty and staff by e-mail, phone and text of a tornado warning. During business hours we will send an announce e-mail reference other weather watches and warnings to the campus community. Once you have received this notification we ask that you monitor local media stations for further updates. If you have not done so recently now is a great time to update your emergency contact information in Firefly to assure you are receiving UNKAlerts.

To view the university emergency procedures quick list go to http://www.unk.edu/emergency-quick-list

To view your buildings severe weather shelter go to http://www.unk.edu/bf/shelter_locations

Employee Achievement/Recognition of Excellence Award Nomination Forms

The Employee Achievement and Recognition of Excellence award nomination forms have been updated and are now available as electronic forms, using the following links.  These forms are also available as links on the UNK Staff Senate webpage. 

As we gear up for another exciting academic year, please consider nominating a staff member or group who has demonstrated excellence.  It’s time to show our colleagues how much we appreciate what they do and why we’re so very proud to be Lopers!!



For further information, please go to:

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