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Flashpoints July 2014

In this July 2014 issue:

Travel & Transport Fees

Effective July 1st, 2014, the cost of purchasing airline tickets through Travel & Transport will be the following:

*The only major change is the online internet fee will change to $5 from $10 per ticket - this fee change will be in effect for FY 2015 and FY 2016 (2 years).

List of Fees for tickets purchased through Travel & Transport:

  • Phone Airline ticket purchases will remain at $22
  • Internet Airline ticket purchases will change to $5 from $10
  • Group Airline ticket purchases will remain at $6
  • Fee for Issuing Travel Vouchers will remain at $10

Southwest Airline tickets purchased through SWABIZ will remain at no cost.

Parking Permits Go On Sale July 1st

Permits may be purchased on-line through MyBlue, by campus mail, or in person at the Police and Parking Services Office in the General Services Building. These permits may be purchased on line either by payroll deduction, credit or debit card, by campus mail with check or payroll deduction, in person with check, cash or payroll deduction. Permits will be mailed to the purchaser by campus mail. Please plan early as we are exceptionally busy after August 11th.

Online Parking Citation Payment

Parking citations may now be paid on-line by credit/debit card, by going to:


Parking citations may still be paid by cash or check at the Police and Parking Services Office in the General Services Building, 2507 19th Avenue, Kearney, NE 68849, or the Finance Office in Founders Hall.

Staff Award for Excellence

The Staff Award for Excellence was created to recognize staff who have performed significant service to the University of Nebraska at Kearney.  In 2014, three employees who have provided consistent, outstanding service to students, to the institution, or to other educationally related functions or organizations will receive a SAFE Award of $1,000.

Please nominate one or more deserving employees by completing the SAFE award application form and sending it to Mary Petroski in Human Resources no later than July 15.  SAFE award winners will be announced on Friday, August 22nd at Convocation.

Additional information about the award, along with the SAFE nomination form can be found at this link:


Family Medical Leave Act

Under University policy, in compliance with the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA), eligible employees are provided up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave for certain family and medical reasons (documentation from a medical professional may be asked for).  All regular Academic/Administrative, Managerial/Professional, and Office/Service employees of the University of Nebraska with an FTE of .50 or greater, as well as other employees (including graduate student and temporary employees) who have worked for at least 1,250 hours during the year preceding the start of the requested leave, are eligible for family/medical leaves of absence.  Please contact Human Resources at 8516 if you know you will be out 5 or more days for an FMLA approved absence or if you have any questions. For more information, visit the link below:


Retirement Plan Loans

Per plan guidelines, active University employees are not allowed to take out loans from their Basic Retirement Plan unless for foreclosure or eviction.  Loans from the Supplemental and Deferred Compensation plans are allowed but must be approved by both the University and the vendor.  If you are considering taking a loan from your retirement plan(s), please contact Human Resources at 8516 to assist you with any questions.

P-Card Reminders

As we approach the end of Fiscal Year 2014, Accounts Payable would like to remind you to please reconcile all charges as quickly as you can; the goal is to have all charges in SAP reconciled by July 15, 2014. 

One of the more common “errors” when reconciling PCard charges is not having a detailed enough description.  A reconciler should identify each charge with a simple description that best represents the purchase.  When many items are purchased in a single transaction, items of higher dollar value should be reported foremost.  Vague terms, when used alone, such as supplies, labor, parts, repair, various, service, credit for returned items, and material are not sufficient.  For split transactions, ensure an accurate description for each charge.

SAP Month-End Close

To print or view "final" fiscal year 2014 activity on SAP, you will want to wait until August 6, as the month of June for fiscal year 2014 will not close until August 5. To print or view "final" July fiscal year 2015 activity on SAP, you will want to wait until August 15 as the month of July for fiscal year 2015 will not close until August 14. With the exception of June & July, all other months will close on the last day of the month and you will be able to print or view on-line final data on the first day of the next month.

Unpaid Department Accounts Receivable

The Finance Office will be sending all departments a request to prepare an Aged Accounts Receivable Listing as of June 30, 2014. Please return your department's list to the Finance Office by July 8, 2014. If your department does not have any outstanding accounts receivable, simply write NONE on the request, sign and return it to the Finance Office. You can contact Jill Purdy at 8421 with any questions.

Fiscal Year End Reference Guides

Several reference guides are available in Sapphire to assist you in understanding what happens to surplus budgets at the end of the year as well as fiscal year closing policies, procedures, dates and deadlines. See Sapphire > Reference Guides > UNK > Finance Office > Fiscal Year End. Please contact Jill Purdy at 8421 with any questions

For further information, please go to:

Business & Finance – Policies & Procedures

Orientation for New Employees to B & F Procedures

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