UNK Talks

Want to easily earn money for sharing a class project, group service project, or your vision for impacting society or the environment?
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Similar to TED Talks, The American Democracy Project is pleased to announce the availability of funds dedicated to supporting UNK students willing to share their thoughts on topics related to civic engagement in action in this exciting new pilot opportunity.  The goal of the American Democracy Project is to produce graduates who are committed to being globally informed and involved.  

Topics could include, but are not limited to, current issues such as:

  •  Social & Political Sciences, Communication
    • Political engagement
    • Actions of government agencies
    • Ensuring stewardship of public lands
    • Advocacy organizations
  • Biology, Environment, Health
    • Global climate change
    • Vaccination; cloning; stem cells
    • Ensuring stewardship of public lands
    • GMOs; water for food
    • Environmental Literacy
  • Education, Culture, Language & Humanities
    • Democracy in Education
    • Modern writing and societal influence
    • Social, Cultural, & Ecological Literacy
    • Theatre & Art affecting change
  • Business & Economy
    • Tackling America’s financial debt
    • Genetic Rights- Insurance Companies
    • Sustainability
    • Social Entrepreneurship
    • Global Trade
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