American Democracy Project

NYT Digital Passes Now Available for 2014-2015!

The American Democracy Project is pleased to announce that the Spring 2015 Digital Passes for the New York Times are here! Don't know what a NYT Digital Pass is? Read on.

  1. During each 24 hour time period (a rolling time period), our campus has 100 electronic copies of the most current New York Times Newspaper available.
  2. Access to the Times is significantly increased with the digital passes format;
    1. We receive same day access to ALL editions of the NY Times – all week day and WEEKEND editions.
    2. We receive full access to all ARCHIVES of the NY Times. Using the Times as a research tool has never been easier or more powerful.
    3. We receive access to BLOGS maintained/hosted by the NY Times.
    4. UNK faculty are eligible to access two “special programs/features” available when using the digital passes version of the NY Times. One special program is the “Daily Article” (a selected article in each edition of the Times that is accompanied by a set of discussion questions authored by a college professor). A second special program is the “New York Times in the First Year.” Our review of these programs suggests they might be an excellent resource for many courses/professors. If you would like to explore these special programs, please contact Dennis Potthoff at:
    5. UNK students can access the Daily Article by ‘liking’ the New York Times in the First Year on Facebook.
  3. Don't know how to access your free NYT Digital Pass? It's easy. Start by reading the instructions here.