University of Nebraska Kearney

Tom Knott

Tom Knott

Admissions Counselor
Office of Undergraduate Recruitment & Admissions
(308) 865-8704
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Hometown:  Western Nebraska - Ogallala NE

My UNK Education: I have a degree in Comprehensive Psychology and will soon begin pursing a Graduate level degree from UNK. 

Favorite thing about the UNK: To try and narrow down the things I love about UNK to one thing is impossible. I’ll cheat a little bit and say my favorite thing is the “atmosphere.” I love how I feel when I’m on campus, the relationships I’ve made with other students as well as staff and faculty keep my days exciting and entertaining. The atmosphere at UNK is second to none and is one of my favorite things about this campus.

Hobbies and Interests:  I love to compete, I’ll try and win at just about anything and possibly get a little too intense about it. I have a few intramural championship t-shirts…no big deal. 

Favorite Super Hero: The Hulk is my favorite super hero. He’s not only THE MAN, but to top it off, he can’t be beat. He gets his strength from his anger and if you’re fighting him he is only getting more and more angry, making him stronger and stronger…you see where I’m going with this?

Favorite place on campus: If I could be anywhere on campus I would probably choose Cushing Field House. Everybody in there is in a good mood and looking to have a good time. Whether it’s playing some 5 on 5 basketball, throwing some weight around, playing racquetball or just chatting it up, the field house is a great place to spend time.

Favorite place in Kearney: There are so many great places around Kearney, but one of my all-time favorites is Harvey Park. I always have such a great time at ole’ Harvey. It’s where summer city softball and fall football leagues take place and is a great way to meet members of the community. 

Favorite Restaurant in Kearney:  My favorite restaurant in Kearney is San Pedro. I am a sucker for Mexican food and San Pedro is some of the best I’ve had!  Plus, they don’t mind refilling your chips and salsa 10 times…. “FO FREE!” 

Surprising facts about me: I have some slight, very minor, hardly noticeable, not that strange, teeny tiny, OCD tendencies.  For example, I can only get out of bed if the clock time is ending in a 0 or 5 and if the digits don’t add up to be 13.   

What I recommend doing while in Kearney:  When you’re in Kearney, do whatever you think you might enjoy because there are so many options. The biggest thing is not the “what” to do, rather the “willingness” to do.  Don’t be shy, have some adventures while in Kearney!

Why I love UNK?: I love UNK because of its reliability, I trust the people that come together to create UNK.    

Why do you like the city of Kearney?: Kearney has allowed me to be a part of so many great things, big and small, that have allowed me to have fun while working towards a successful future.