University of Nebraska Kearney

Liz Chvatal

Liz Chvatal

Admissions Counselor
Office of Undergraduate Recruitment & Admissions
(308) 865-8526
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Hometown:  Fremont, NE 


My UNK Education:  I have a Bachelors Degree in Visual Communication & Design, in other words, Graphic Design.  


Favorite thing about the UNK: My favorite thing about UNK has to be the friendliness of the entire campus. There isn’t a place on Campus you can go without a friendly peer or faculty/staff saying hello and sincerely asking about your day. I also love the fact that I am able to follow through with my ‘big ideas’ at UNK. You’re not hindered from dreams here and every idea you have has the potential of reaching the moon. So dream big and live it here! 


Hobbies and Interests:  I absolutely LOVE to go for bike rides and swimming in the summer. My #1 love has to be traveling though. I love going to new places, even in small town Nebraska, or going abroad and studying in a different country! 


Favorite Super Hero: Harry Potter! He counts, right?! Right?! Well, he is going to. He only saved the magical world from Voldemort, the darkest wizard of all time…no big deal. 


Favorite place on campus: My favorite place on campus is probably the Fine Arts Building. For a couple reasons. 1. I spent most of my college career there and there are so many memories that I hold dear.  

2. You meet some of the most interesting and insightful people there. 


If I could be any fictional character, I would be:  Alice, from Alice in Wonderland. Can you imagine the adventures you could go on!? That would be awesome to visit Wonderland or something similar to it. 


Favorite Restaurant in Kearney:   Oh man, just one? Sozo has my heart. They have some of the best food here in Kearney. It’s not cheap by any means, but it is absolutely amazing!

Surprising facts about me:   I’m allergic to horses and bananas. 


What I recommend doing while in Kearney:  Explore every corner of it. There is always something to do and keep you entertained. There are so many ways to get involved within the community and with events throughout the year. The city of Kearney is a place to grow, meet friends, and overall is a clean and healthy town. I love being here and I would not mind spending the next few years or decade here. 

I love it.     


Why I love UNK?: You have the chance to be who you are and do what you dream. Every 

Idea you have, you can make it happen. Anything you want to be, UNK will guide you in the right direction with helpful insights. Also, I love the fact that all of your professors hold you accountable for your studies and classes. It drives you to be better all the time and work twice as hard.