University of Nebraska Kearney

James Keating

James Keating

Admissions Counselor
Office of Undergraduate Recruitment & Admissions
(308) 865-8526
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Hometown:  Littleton, CO 


My UNK Education: I have a Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science and International Studies and am actively pursing a Master’s degree.   


Favorite thing about the UNK: What’s not love about UNK? The opportunities are endless. My favorite thing would have to be how multidimensional campus is. I joined Greek life late, became the president of a student organization, studied abroad, and graduated with a double major. I was able to accomplish all of these things by merely saying yes when opportunity presented itself. Getting involved and immersed in the UNK community is as easy as showing up.  


Hobbies and Interests:  Four things define my life; music, sports, snowboarding and international affairs. You can always find me with a pair of headphones in either waiting for the next pick-up game, planning the next mountain trip or chatting about current events. 


Favorite Super Power: Clairvoyance. Being able to know everything about everything without doing anything? Doesn’t get much better than that, am I right? 


Favorite place on campus: Has to be Cushing. Pick-Up games get pretty intense around these parts. It’s a community all on its own.  


Favorite place in Kearney: I love taking a bike ride out to Cotton Mill. Not a more beautiful place in the summer months. Whether it’s running the trails, playing some frolf, taking a paddle boat out on the water or grilling some burgers; Cotton Mill is a great get away without getting away.  


Favorite Restaurant in Kearney:  My favorite restaurant in Kearney is Flippin’ Sweet; handmade pastas, pizzas and calzones. This little hole in the wall is a Kearney original and always hits the spot. 


Surprising facts about me: I landed myself on Peruvian national television chanting a Spanish fight song about soccer….. I can’t speak Spanish. 


What I recommend doing while in Kearney:  Study abroad, whether it’s for two weeks or two months. There are too many opportunities to pass up, see the world.   


Why I love UNK?: You are constantly meeting new people but also constantly running into everyone you’ve already met. It truly is a tight knit college community. 


Why do you like the city of Kearney?: Community involvement. Whether it’s flag football in the fall, softball in the summer, or hitting the bricks, there is always something fun to do with a group of quality people.