University of Nebraska Kearney

Alison Gottsch

Alison Gottsch

Admissions Counselor
Office of Undergraduate Recruitment & Admissions
(308) 865-8526
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Hometown:  Chambers, NE 

My UNK Education: I have a degree in Organizational Communication. 


Hobbies and Interests:  Thanks to the Pinterest, and the unlimited amount of recipes, I now have a love cooking, it may not always turn out like the picture, but at least it’s a good try. I also love to send time outside especially in the summer on the lake!  


Favorite Super Hero: My favorite super hero is the Green Lantern, when you can imagine anything to come true that is one amazing super power and I like the green ring he wears!  


Favorite place in Kearney: My favorite place in Kearney is Yanney Park, this park is full of activities, from a giant observation tower, a lake, and lots and lots of trails…there is something for everyone.  


Favorite Restaurant in Kearney:  My favorite restaurant in Kearney is So Zos American Cuisine. They have the best Chicken Sandwich EVER!!!

Surprising facts about me: I have a phobia about touching the remote control in a hotel room; I will not touch it until I clean it with Clorox wipes.  


Favorite Place on Campus: My favorite place on campus is the library; I spent many hours in this building!   


What I recommend doing while in Kearney: I think one of the best and unique things to do in Kearney is touring the Archway. Who has a museum over the interstate…KEARNEY does!!!! 


Why I love UNK?: I love UNK because of the dedication of all the people who work for the college, they are there to help you succeed.   


Why do you like the city of Kearney?: I love Kearney, because of the size and the friendly community. It is a community that has given me the opportunities to grow and get involved.