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The University of Nebraska at Kearney works to help Latino or Hispanic students excel in education; about 650 are enrolled at UNK. We offer scholarships, support, and resources to help students transition and connect on campus, fund their education, and excel academically. A degree will help you find a job and earn more money. Over a lifetime, those with a bachelor’s degree will earn about $1 million more money than those with just a high school diploma.*

UNK is a safe, friendly place that will feel like home. We are a proud member of HACU, The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, and Hispanic students can become involved with the Hispanic Student Association.

Campus tours are offered daily. If you prefer a tour in Spanish, register and say you would like it in Spanish. Our Conozca UNK tours are specifically made for Spanish-speaking families. You will have a tour and sessions in Spanish about resources and scholarships, and have opportunities to meet UNK counselors and teachers. To register and learn more, go to You can also see our Virtual Tour.

* Pew Research Center and Georgetown University Study

UNK Housing Options

Safe & Friendly Housing

  • Housing is safe. You need an identification and key to enter a room.
  • Students can choose a roommate or be assigned one, based on common interest.
  • On-site amenities include washer and dryer, flexible meal plans, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, HD cable, computer lab, high beds, and much more.
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"I came from a really big high school, so I was lucky enough to know people different than I am. But, coming here to UNK and seeing that there are other people that may believe in different things, and practice different things, know other things. The fact that they want to show that and educate others who might not have had that same experience is also pretty unique."

Kylie Kenedy

Exercise Science/Special Education

Your contacts who speak Spanish - We are here to serve you

  • Juan Guzman | Director of Office of Diversity and Inclusion | 308.865.8127
  • Diego Esparza | Diversity and Community Outreach Counselor | 308.865.18023
  • Luis Olivas | Diversity Recruitment & Leadership Coordinator | 308.865.8127