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Spark16 is an 8-page, full-color, fully-illustrated employee healthletter brought to you by the Wellness Council of America.

Month after month, we’ll be providing our employees with the essential information they need to stay healthy and productive—and at the same time we’ll be helping you to create a healthier culture within our organization.

The Spark 16 will only be provided as an electronic version, this is to be efficient with our wellness dollars by reducing printing and mail handling expenses in conjunction with the university’s green initiative.

Please contact Bryce Abbey if you have any questions about Spark16!

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Spark 16 March 2015

Spark 16 January 2015

Spark 16 November 2014

Spark 16-September 2014

Spark 16- July 2014

Spark 16- May 2014

Spark 16- March 2014

Spark 16- January 2014

Spark 16- November 2013

Spark 16-Sept 2013

Spark 16-July 2013

Spark 16-May 2013

Spark 16-March 2013