Employee Health and Wellness

The mission of the UNK Employee Health and Wellness Program is to provide an organized program intended to assist employees in making positive voluntary behavior changes.  Reducing health risks and enhancing individual morality will create a positive, health work environment and community. 

BCBS Mobile Applications  

Go to www.nebraskablue.com/mobile where you'll find mobile sites, free apps and resources to stay healthy and connected.

 Are you looking for a fun way to eat right and get fit


Do you feel more motivated when working with a team


If you answered yes to either of these questions, try the LiveWell Team Challenge, January 13 - April 7! 

This challenge involves teams of 2-10 that follow weekly tips and track physical activity minutes and/or weight loss over 12 weeks. Throughout the challenge you will have opportunities to win monthly incentive prizes or one of the several getaways and adventures, just for tracking! 

For only $15 per year, a LiveWell Challenge Membership is simply the best and most affordable way to achieve your health and fitness goals. A membership gives you access to a handful of useful features. These features include: 

 - Complete Diet and Nutrition Tracking 

 - Activity and Nutrition Charts 

 - Enhanced Activity Tracking 

 - Goal Tracking 

 - Motivational Nationwide Challenges 

 - Regional or Organizational Challenges 

 - Articles by Fitness and Nutrition Professionals 

 - Recipes and Discussions 

 - Personal Blog 

 - Photo Gallery 

What are you waiting for? Sign up for your LiveWell Challenge membership and join the Team Challenge.

UNK Employees register at www.livewellchallenge.com/unk

UNK Students register at www.livewellchallenge.com/lopers