Sponsored Programs

Internal Forms

All proposals for external funding must receive internal approval before submission. This approval is obtained by completing the internal approval form and routing it with a copy of your proposal. The principal investigator should sign, and get signatures from their chair and dean. Then send it to OSP five days before it must be mailed or submitted electronically. Only applications with a cost-share component will need signatures from the Vice Chancellors which we will obtain those signatures on the form, then copy and mail or submit the proposal.

  • The Internal Approval Form is available in Microsoft Word here.

UNK personnel must disclose potential conflicts of interest when they propose financial relationships involving more than $5000 with external organizations. This is done by completing a Disclosure of Interest form once a year (if there are no interests to disclose) or with each proposal (if there are interests that need to be disclosed). This form must be updated if there are changes in the employee's situation that would affect any of their responses on the form. Grant Accounts will not be established until the appropriate Disclosure forms have been filed.