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  • UNK subscribes to the Grant Forward database, which allows university members to search thousands of grant opportunities and research profiles. 

Grant Forwardgrant forward database

  •  Bi-Weekly funding opportunity bulletins are sent to the UNK community by OSP.  Funding Opportunity Bulletins (Link)
  •  Boiler plates of standard grant components are available upon request. Please email Richard Mocarski.
  • OSP is happy to assist or take the lead in building your budgets and filling in your grant application forms. However, if you wish to do these tasks yourself, we request that you do so using our standard budget form.  Budget Form (link)

Internal grant opportunities are a great way to secure difficult to find seed money. UNK has a variety of programs to fund your ideas.

  •       Research Services Council (link)
  •       Cross-Disciplinary Colloquia (link)
  •       Arts and Lecture Series (link)

This page includes resources for preparing proposals.  If you are looking for help in the craft of grantwriting, click here.

For UNK Internal Approval and disclosure of interest forms, click here.

If you use Microsoft Excel, you can use this Budget Calculator to help develop the budget for your grant proposal. PLEASE read the worksheet entitled "ReadMe."

Faculty time during the academic year is valued by multiplying existing salary by the percentage of time to be devoted to the project (e.g. $30,000 x .25 FTE = $7,500).

Summer salary for nine month appointments is calculated by dividing existing salary by nine, and then multiplying the result by the number of summer months to be devoted to the proposed project (e.g. ($36,000/9) x 2 months = $8,000). Federal agencies such as NSF allow faculty to request a maximum of 2/9 of academic year salary during the summer.

Increase salary by 4% per year for multiple year projects.

Salaries for graduate assistants and support staff are calculated using the prevailing rates of pay. Contact Human Resources at 8522 for assistance.

Fringe Benefits
Multiply the requested salary or wage for each person by 35%. Student benefits can be determined by multiplying the requested wage by 7.65%. Do this for each person, and add them together for Total Benefits. Please note that this is the budgeted amount for benefits, and that the actual benefits charged to a grant will be determined at the time of the award.

Consultant fees are shown as one figure for services to be rendered (e.g. Transcription: $200), or calculated in terms of an hourly rate (e.g. Transcription: 20 hours x $10/hour = $200). Fringe benefits are not provided to consultants.

Equipment items costing $5,000 or more are itemized separately and should include the manufacturer and model number, if known. Include shipping and delivery costs, if applicable. Maintenance costs should be determined and included under the category "Other Operating Costs."

Expendable material items that cost less than $5,000 per unit and/or are expected to last less than two years are considered supplies. Items such as postage, word processing, and telephone are considered to be services and are included in the category "Other Operating Costs."

Please visit UNK Business Services 

Other Direct Costs
This category includes everything else, such as shop services, subcontracts, equipment maintenance, printing, telephone, postage, publications, etc.

Indirect costs
Indirect costs are 45% of salaries, wages, and fringe benefits. By policy, we include our full indirect costs in budget proposals unless otherwise restricted by the sponsor

Online Government Forms

The links below take you to forms common in federal funding applications.  If you can't find what you're looking for, contact OSP and we'll try to help.

Dept. of Health and Human Services  (NIH website with Public Health Service forms)

Standard Form LLL-Disclosure of Lobbying Activities 

Standard Form 424 

Standard Form 424a 

Standard Form 424a Instructions 

Standard Form 424b