Sociology Program Description

Earning a bachelor of science or bachelor of arts degree in Sociology from UNK is a great way to jump start your career down a multitude of job options. One of the Midwest's Top 10 public universities, the University of Nebraska at Kearney offers its students two options for earning a degree in Sociology—on-campus and online.

Online Degree Completion Program

Students who need to juggle schoolwork with other obligations and obstacles will convenience in the Sociology department's innovative Online Degree Completion Program. This program allows students to finish their Bachelor of Science degrees in Sociology after they have completed their general courses at UNK or another college.

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On-campus Programs

Earning a Sociology degree on campus lets students experience the excitement of campus life while also taking advantage of one-on-one interaction with top faculty. UNK offers both Bachelor of Science degrees and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Sociology.

Other notable advantages to completing a Sociology degree on campus include a wider selection of courses, excellent student and community facilities, personal interaction with other students in the same field of study, and the life-changing growth that comes with the campus experience. The hands-on learning opportunities are immense—research opportunities, internships, opportunities to study abroad, participation in Sociology Club, field trips, and much more.

Sociology as a minor or second major

Students who choose to major in another field will find Sociology a great fit as a minor or second major. Sociology is a broad science that encompasses several different disciplines. Criminal justice, psychology, anthropology, linguistics, history, and social work all share some characteristics with Sociology. Even if your degree is not closely related, a minor or second major in Sociology will greatly expand your knowledge and make you more employable.

An additional 24 credit hours are required to complete a minor or second major in Sociology. This is similar to other minors at UNK.

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