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Science/Math Education M.S.Ed. Program

For New Students

Science/Math Education M.S.Ed. Program Information

Program information and answers to common questions are given on this webpage. Contact the Program Director, Dr. Christopher Exstrom, at exstromc@unk.edu or (308) 865-8565 with any additional questions.

When am I eligible to register for classes?

Once it is indicated on MyBLUE that you are an admitted student, you are eligible to register for classes within the appropriate schedule. For each semester and the summer term, there is an early registration period that runs from mid-October through early November (for Spring registration) or late March through mid-April (for Summer/Fall registration). Currently enrolled students who are unconditionally admitted are eligible to register during this early period. Other students may register when the early period is over. The Program Director will send out e-mail announcements as registration times draw near.

What is "Unconditional Admission"?

There are no special conditions placed on your admission or class registration.  You meet the requirements given in the UNK Graduate Catalog:

Unconditional (Full) admission. This status will be granted to the applicant who satisfies all the following conditions:

  1. Official transcripts of all college work have been received by the Office of Graduate Studies and Research, verifying a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university and a cumulative grade point average between 2.75 and 4.0.
  2. Official results of a satisfactorily completed entrance exam (if required) specific to the discipline (i.e. GMAT, GRE or other admission mechanism) have been submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research.

All other departmental requirements for unconditional admission to a degree program have been met. This might include but is not limited to, academic deficiencies, an interview, area or subject tests, advanced tests, a portfolio or performance, grade point average, letters of recommendation, essay, or writing sample.

You must abide by the UNK Graduate School Academic Work Standards policy.

What is "Conditional Admission"?

Conditional admission. This status will be granted to an applicant who has submitted all necessary materials, but who does not meet all requirements for unconditional admission.

  1. Graduates of non-accredited institutions will be assigned conditional status, and this status may also be used by departments to classify students based on departmental requirements for admission.
  2. Applicants who do not meet minimal grade point standards may be admitted on the basis of satisfactory supplemental admission materials, as defined by specific graduate programs. Academic performance during the first semester, or as outlined by the condition stated by the department, will be assessed and will determine continuance in the program.

The conditions of admission will be specified by the department and the Office of Graduate Studies and Research at the time of the admission notification. Conditional admission will continue until changed by the recommendation of the department and Graduate Dean. Conditional admission is automatically changed to unconditional admission upon approval of the Application for Candidacy for the degree by the Graduate Dean.

In addition to abiding by the UNK Graduate School Academic Work Standards policy, you must fulfill one or more specific conditions put in place by the Science/Math Education M.S.Ed. Program Committee. The most common condition is "Complete 6 credit hours of Major Emphasis area courses with 'B' grades or better," but different conditions may be placed, depending on the student's academic course background and record. Conditionally admitted students are not eligible for early registration, but if this places a hardship for the student in regards to enrolling in courses necessary to fulfill the condition, the Program Director (Dr. Christopher Exstrom, exstromc@unk.edu, 308-865-8565) may request a limited grace period from this restriction to the Graduate Office on the student's behalf.

Will I have assigned academic advisors?

Yes. You may be assigned one or two academic advisors, depending on your major emphasis area. The Program Director, Dr. Christopher Exstrom (exstromc@unk.edu, 308-865-8565) is a co-advisor for all Science/Math Education students. Go to him with questions about completing your degree program, degree candidacy, course transfers, etc. You will also have a primary advisor who will be able to help you with questions about specific classes:

Biology: Dr. Julie Shaffer (shafferjj@unk.edu, (308) 865-8661)

Chemistry: Dr. Christopher Exstrom (exstromc@unk.edu, (308) 865-8565)

Mathematics: Dr. Pari Ford (fordpl@unk.edu, (308) 865-8553)

Physics/Physical Science: Dr. Ken Trantham (tranthamkw@unk.edu, (308) 865-8278)