Fall 2017 Online Courses

(All courses are 3 credits unless otherwise noted)

Click on a department name or category to see the classes offered in that area. Then, click on the course name to see an example syllabus, where available. The Fall 2016 syllabi may differ from the examples due to different instructors and/or updated course development.

Professional Components Category (9 hours required)

Department Chair -- Dr. Chris Knoell, knoellcm@unk.edu,(308) 865-8339

  1. Curriculum Course: There are not any curriculum courses offered
  2. Research Course: TE 800 –Educational Research
  3. Pedagogy Course: (one of the following)
NOTE: Each Spring, Summer, and Fall, TE 800 and at least one of the two pedagogy courses (TE 804, 886P) are offered. Up to three pedagogy courses may be taken but the 2nd and 3rd must be applied to the Electives category.

Biology (apply to Major Emphasis, Supporting, or Elective categories)

Program Coordinator -- Brian Peterson, petersonbc@unk.edu (308) 865-1589
*BIOL 802 -- Organic Evolution
BIOL 827 -- Biological Statistics
BIOL 830P 01 -- Special Topics: Predator-Prey Paradox
BIOL 830P 02 -- Special Topics: Cell Structure & Function
BIOL 832 -- Crane Ecology
*BIOL 838 --
Essential Human Anatomy
BIOL 839 -- Human Physiological Systems
*BIOL 840 -- Infectious Diseases
BIOL 846 -- Cancer Biology
BIOL 854 -- Biological Application of GIS
BIOL 859 --
Biology of the Brain
BIOL 862P --
Animal Behavior
BIOL 860 --
Concepts of Genetics
BIOL 881 –- Current Issues in Biology (electives course only)

Chemistry (apply to Major Emphasis, Supporting, or Elective categories)

Department Chair -- Dr. Scott Darveau, darveausa@unk.edu, (308) 865-8491

CHEM 864 -- (2 cr) Analytical Chemistry for High School Teachers
CHEM 899P -- (1 cr) Nanoscience for HS Teachers

Mathematics (apply to Major Emphasis, Supporting, or Elective categories)

Department Chair -- Dr. Barton Willis, willisb@unk.edu, (308) 865-8868

There are no online Math courses offered in the Fall 2017 semester.

Physics (apply to Major Emphasis, Supporting, or Electives categories)

Department Chair -- Dr. Kenneth Trantham, tranthamkw@unk.edu, (308) 865-8278

Teacher Education (apply to Electives category ONLY)

Science/Math Education Program Coordinator Department Chair -- Holly Peterson, petersonha@unk.edu (308) 865-8043

TE 803 – Philosophy of Education
TE 804 - Curriculum Development in Multicultural Education
TE 805P – Overview of Assistive Technology
TE 808P – Human Relations (1 cr)
TE 810 - Design & Development in Instruction
TE 854 – Reading in the Content Areas
TE 866 -- Motivating the 21st Century Learner
TE 877 -- Developing Web-Based Educational Environments
TE 866 - Technology Tools for Teachers