Student Activities

Organizations and Activities: 

Click the following link to learn more about Psi Chi and the Psychology Club at UNK 

Psi Chi, Psychology Club 

By joining Psi Chi/Psychology Club you will have the opportunity to become better acquainted with fellow students and faculty members. You'll also learn more about the field of psychology including: careers in psychology, current happenings on both the local and national and international level, as well as specific areas of interest.

Conference Activities 

Psychology students regularly travel to psychology conferences. At these conferences, students have the opportunity to interact with other students and professional from institutions across the country, present papers describing their own research and have fun.

  • Great Plains Students' Psychology Convention 
  • Nebraska Psychological Society (NPS) 

Opportunities for Research 

In recent years it has become apparent that students who have had involvement with research projects outside the classroom have increased their chances of getting into graduate school and/or have had an edge in various job opportunities. The psychology department has a number of opportunities to support students in pursuing research including:

  • Apprenticeship affords students the opportunity to act as a research or teaching assistant for a particular faculty member. Students can get three hours of Psychology credit in PSY 399-Apprenticeship for serving as a proctor for a Psychology course, such as PSI General Psychology, or PSY 250-Behavioral Statistics. PSY 399 credit can also be earned by serving as a research assistant for a Psychology faculty member. Students must have permission of the instructor before enrolling in this course.
  • After students have completed 24 hours of coursework in psychology, they may have a particular interest that they wish to pursue through independently selected books and articles. At this point they can seek the permission of the department chair to earn 1-3 credits on the basis of these readings. A Readings course may be taken under the supervision of any member of the faculty. Specifics regarding the number of credits, choice of material, and grading criteria should be discussed with the faculty member and confirmed with the Chair.
Research in Psychology
  • After completing at least 24 hours of psychology coursework, the student is welcome to present a research idea to a psychology faculty member of their choosing. If the idea sounds agreeable to both the faculty member and student, the faculty member can then supervise the student as he or she designs and carries out an original research project. It has been found to be helpful if the student does some preliminary review of the research in the area of interest before presenting ideas to the faculty. Joint projects involving several students are encouraged, since this has been found to be particularly rewarding and less time consuming for all. Such experience is especially helpful to students who wish to pursue graduate school.
  • You may enroll in the Practicum only after you have completed at least 24 of psychology coursework. The Practicum provides real-world experience in applying psychological principles and techniques. In a practicum, the student works as a volunteer in an agency in order to gain practical experience. A variety of types of agencies participate in this program including Richard Young Hospital, the S.A.F.E. Center, Youth Development Corps, Boys Town, as well as local schools and businesses. In order to enroll in a Practicum, you must complete the application form during the semester prior to which you plan to do the Practicum. Application forms may be obtained from the Department Chair. Practicum requirements include 150 hours of volunteer work in the agency, a daily log of your experiences and reactions to those experiences, and a 12-15 page review of the literature relevant to the work in your chosen agency. You will receive a grade based on your agency supervisor's rating as well as the Department Chair's evaluation of your log and literature review.

Research assistant - a student who aids a faculty member with his or her research either on a voluntary basis or as a paid position. Faculty often have grants or other sources of funding to pay for student help in conducting research.

Grant-in-aid - Students conducting independent research may be eligible for various grants-in-aid. These are stipends used for operating expenses, equipment purchase, or other items needed to conduct research. The UNK Research Services Council has some grant money for this purpose and there are other sources which regularly fund undergraduate work.

If you are interested in any of these research opportunities, you should contact the individual professor with whom you would like to work for more information.