Degree Programs in Political Science

For a complete list of courses available, refer to the current UNK Course Catalog

Bachelor of Science in Political Science This degree requires 36 credit hours in Political Science classes and additional coursework that emphasizes the scientific method of conducting research and/or solving problems.  This is a good choice if you’re interested in law, graduate study, journalism or advocacy work.

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.  This degree requires 36 credit hours in Political Science classes and additional coursework in a foreign language.  A B.A. is a good choice if you’re pursuing a career in law, international business or international nongovernmental organizations.

Bachelor of Science in Public Administration.  This multi-disciplinary program requires 36 credit hours, drawn from a mix of courses in Political Science, Economics, Philosophy, Computer Science, English, Sociology, Psychology and History.  If you’re interested in government work, especially in an executive branch, give this degree some serious consideration.

Bachelor of Arts in Education Political Science Grades 7-12 Subject Endorsement.  This program combines 24 credit hours in Political Science with classes in History, Sociology, Geography, Economics, or Psychology.   Paired with a B.A. in Education, this degree prepares you to teach Social Studies, Civics or Government classes at the middle- or high-school level. 

Political Science Minor Take any 24 hours of Political Science classes.  That’s it.  A minor in Political Science pairs especially well with majors in Business, Journalism, Social Work, Criminal Justice, History, or Economics.  If your career plans lie elsewhere, a Political Science minor offers solid preparation for citizenship, and you can use that in any profession.

Pre-law Concentration.  Although you can pair a pre-law concentration with any academic major, Political Science offers a sequence of courses that prepare you for graduate study in law, and holds resident expertise in pre-law advising, LSAT preparation, and the law school application process.