Undergraduate Research Fellows & Student Scholars


Matt Noffke (Advisor Michael Larsen), Rain Scaling, Fall 2008–Spring 2010 

Joshua Beck (Advisor Michael Larsen), Image Edge Detection in Meteorological Applications, Fall 2009–Spring 2010 

Kyle Smydra (Advisor Michael Larsen), Development of an Affordable Raindrop Disdrometer, Spring 2009–Spring 2010 

Danielle Policarpio (Advisor Michael Larsen), Characterizing Conductive Textiles, Fall 2009–Spring 2010 

Ben Fullerton (Coadvisor Michael Larsen), Development of a Filter Based Rain Sensing Instrument, Fall 2009–Spring 2010

David Hayes (Coadvisor Michael Larsen), Numerical Radiative Transfer via Parallel Computing, Fall 2009–Spring 2010 

Jeremy Stromer (Advisor Liubov Kreminska), Liquid Crystals, Spring 2009–Spring 2010 

Grant Saltzgaber (Advisor Michael Larsen), Rain Scaling, Fall 2008–Spring 2009 

Aaron Steele (Advisor Michael Larsen & Aaron Clark), Simulated Radiative Transfer, Fall 2008–Spring 2009 

Carl Corder and Vanessa Engquist (Advisor Liubov Kreminska), Optical Vortices, Fall 2008–Spring 2009 

Oleksiy Golovin (Advisor Jose Mena-Werth), Brightness Variability Due to Planetary Obstruction of Starlight, Fall 2008–Spring 2009 

Josh Beck(Advisor Trecia Markes), Evaluating Student Performance in an Activity Based Classroom, Fall 2008–Spring 2009


Joshua Beck, Jeremy Stromer, Bobbi Arnold, Carl Corder, and Vanessa Engquist (Advisor Liubov Kreminska), NASA Fellowship, 2009 

Peng Liu (Advisor Liubov Kreminska), UNK Thompson Scholar, 2009