Planetarium Schedule

Public Planetarium Spring Schedule 2014

January 24:  The Dark Side of Light
While light at night can be a convenience for getting around at night, too much of it can affect not only our view of the stars, but human health as well.  We'll explain the effects of light pollution during this presentation.  

February 21:  Birth and Death of Stars
Stars are born, live their lives, and eventually die.  We'll show you places in the sky where we see stars at various stages of their lives.  

March 21:  King of the Planets
Jupiter starts the night high in the sky this month.  We'll take a closer look at this largest planet in the solar system along with some of its fascinating moons.

April 11:  Eclipsing the Moon
A total lunar eclipse takes place on the 15th.  We'll offer a sneak preview.

May 9:  The Big Picture
Spring is a great time to view galaxies outside of our known Milky Way galaxy.  While most require telescopes to see, some can be  viewed with binoculars.  We'll show you where to look and give visitors a glimpse of the vastness of our universe.

Shows start at 7:00 P.M..  Tickets are free and will be handed out at the door on a first come basis (one ticket per person). All shows are free-of-charge, however, we will graciously accept any donation of dry or canned goods for a local food pantry. 


  1.  Only children 5 years and older will be admitted to public shows.   
  2.  We do not accept reservations for public shows. 
  3.  No food or drinks are allowed inside the planetarium. 
  4.  Cell phones should be off during a show and not used in any way. 
  5.  You will not be admitted once a show has started. 
  6.  You will not be readmitted if you leave during the show. 

We provide free educational shows to school groups and private organizations (minimum of 20 guests) during the Fall and Spring semesters at University of Nebraska at Kearney. Please contact the department office to schedule a show.  The phone number is 308.865.8277.