Planetarium Schedule

Public Planetarium Fall Schedule 2014

In addition to our tour of the current evening sky, each month’s public show features a 10 to 15-minute segment highlighting a particular topic of interest. The segments for fall 2014 planetarium shows are as follows:

September  19 – Black Holes

Some of the most bizarre objects in the universe, black holes have been the subject of scientific papers and science fiction movies. Where do black holes come from? Are they giant vacuum cleaners, sucking up everything in their paths? We’ll use simple demonstrations to illustrate how black holes work.

October 10 – Aurora Borealis

A bright display of the “northern lights” is an awe-inspiring spectacle. And you don’t have to travel to Alaska or Canada to see them! We’ll describe the hows, wheres and whens of the aurora and show pictures and video of northern lights displays taken from Nebraska.

November 14 – The Pleiades

Known to many as the “Seven Sisters ,” the Pleiades star cluster stands out in the fall and winter sky. We’ll introduce visitors to the science and rich mythology that surrounds this fascinating group.

December 12 – Binocular Astronomy

Thinking of buying a telescope as a Christmas present?  Consider a pair of binoculars instead. We describe the advantages of binoculars over telescopes for stargazing and pick out a few celestial sights especially well-suited for binocular viewing. 


All shows start at 7:00 PM.  Tickets are free and will be handed out at the door on a first come basis (one ticket per person). All shows are free-of-charge, however, we will graciously accept any donation of dry or canned goods for a local food pantry. 


  1.  Only children 5 years and older will be admitted to public shows.   
  2.  We do not accept reservations for public shows. 
  3.  No food or drinks are allowed inside the planetarium. 
  4.  Cell phones should be off during a show and not used in any way. 
  5.  You will not be admitted once a show has started. 
  6.  You will not be readmitted if you leave during the show. 

We provide free educational shows to school groups and private organizations (minimum of 20 guests) during the Fall and Spring semesters at University of Nebraska at Kearney. Please contact the department office to schedule a show.  The phone number is 308.865.8277.