Admissions Information

Engineer a world of difference.

We are excited about your interest in engineering at the University of Nebraska at Kearney!

Whether your engineering focus is agriculturalcivilelectricalmechanical or as-of-yet undecided, UNK’s Department of Physics & Astronomy is dedicated to providing you with the resources to help you choose your best direction at UNK.

Built on a foundation of math, science and industrious curiosity, our engineering foundations program is housed in a practical-but-welcoming environment where the low student-to-faculty ratio makes it possible for students to gain a secure foothold on their studies while they discover the direction they want to pursue in the exciting and ever-expanding field of engineering.


No matter the direction you take with your engineering degree, our department provides the following advantages when it comes to fostering student success:

Small class sizes. Get ahead with our low student-to-faculty ratio. Our small class sizes make it possible for students to gain a secure foothold on their studies while they discover the direction they want to take in the exciting field of engineering.

Engineering courses. Make your time count. Many two-year pre-engineering programs don't contain the necessary engineering courses that students need when they transfer to an engineering college to complete their degree. Ours does. All classes and laboratories are taught by dedicated and fully credentialed professors.

Undergraduate research experiences. Find meaning through your research. Whether your interests lie in mechanical or electrical engineering, astronomy, condensed matter, or atomic and molecular physics, we have a meaningful research project for you. Through working with a faculty mentor, you will expand your problem solving and analytical skills while building an impressive resume.

Assistance with summer internships. Become involved with area industry and get a chance to showcase your potential with an exciting internship through a local engineering employer.

Departmental scholarships. Get financial aid with one of the various departmental scholarships that is available to both engineering and physics students alike.

Student Involvement. Find friends and build life-long relationships by becoming an active member of our student-driven engineering and physics club.

The University of Nebraska at Kearney is known for quality teaching and programs, low cost, low student debt and affordability. Students who choose UNK carry those advantages forward into their future.

Since UNK’s pre-engineering program is broadly designed to meet the college of engineering requirements at UNL, students can spend the foundational years of their study at UNK, gaining from those UNK advantages, before they move forward to complete the final years of their degree.

2+2 Engineering Foundations Program
Students who spend two years in the engineering foundations program at UNK and two years in the College of Engineering at UNL will be eligible to attain one Bachelor's degree in Engineering from UNL.

3+2 Dual Degree Program
Students who spend three years in the dual-degree program at UNK and two years in the College of Engineering at UNL will be eligible to attain one Bachelor's degree in Physics from UNK and one Bachelor's degree in Engineering from UNL.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us at Otherwise, please use the links below to learn more about the exciting possibilities available for those who choose to begin their engineering degree at UNK: