Graduate Course: MATH 871-01 Engaging Math with Technology

May 29 – June 15

In this course students (now referred to as teachers) will be taught how to use technology to explore, demonstrate, and understand mathematical concepts. This three week course will consist of preparatory material in the first week given in an online format. This material will focus on the goals of integrating technology in the discovery of new mathematical ideas through procedural use of technology and conceptual understanding of the underlying mathematics. During the second week, the teachers will be on-campus in a summer camp setting with high school students. For a majority of the camp, the teachers will work alongside the high school students. They will also work in a separate classroom where they will reflect on and engage in discussion about the pedagogical themes discovered in their shared experiences. The third week will be in an online format again and will cover integration of technology into their own classrooms with a final project being the writing of a technology project for their own classroom.

Teachers have the option stay on campus in the residence halls for the week of June 4-8. Single rooms are available at a rate of $29.00 per night, while shared rooms can be reserved for $22.00 per night. Teachers interested in this option should contact Robert Zbikowski, Office of Residential Life at 308-865-4800, or