Crime Scene Investigation in Theory and Practice

Wednesday, June 13

Format: Commuter
Grades: For youth entering grades 10, 11, and 12
Campers: Minimum of 15, maximum of 25
Camp Directors: Sergeant Kyle Harshbarger and Officer Rob Taillon (Kearney Police Department and the Department of Criminal Justice)

In this camp, you will learn the basic Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) techniques of fingerprint, impression, blood spatter, microscopic, and light analysis, as well as the scientific principles behind them. In the second half of the class, professional investigators from the Kearney Police Department will lead you through a simulated crime scene, where you’ll use the tools of physics, biology and chemistry to reconstruct events based only on the physical evidence left behind.

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Tuition: $50.00, or $45.00 if registered by April 30th.