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College Governance, Policy Documents & College Committee List

CNSS Constitution

Grade Appeals Policy

NSS Committee Listing


University-level Awards (IDEA, OTICA, UDTA) Each year letters from the nominee or nominator[s] to the Chancellor by October 26.

ORCA Each year letters from the nominee or the nominator[s] to the Provost of the University System by November 9.

Pratt-Heins Award

Leland Holt Award

Faculty Mentor Awards

Rank and Tenure Materials

University Guidelines for Promotion, Evaluation and Tenure

CNSS Rank & Tenure Guidelines

CNSS Rank & Tenure Guidelines, Appendix I

Annual Report, Faculty and Chair Evaluation Information

Faculty Annual Report Form (Due to Department Chairs on March 15 of each year)

Department Annual Report Form (Due to the Dean from the Chair on March 7 of each year)

Five Year Scholarly Productivity Report Form (Due May 1 of each year from the Faculty to the Chair; due May 31 from the Chair to the Dean)

Chair Evaluation (peer review by Dept). Due May 1 to the Dean; May 30 Dean to SVCAA

Tenured Faculty Evaluation (by calendar year). Due April 1 from Chair to the Dean (for 2014/15 Academic Year).

Reporting Special Appointments. Due May 1 each year to the SVCAA.

POE Reports. Due February 14 each year from the Department to the Dean; March 1 from Dean to SVCAA; March 31 from SVCAA to Provost.

Travel, Sabbatical Leave, Lab & Tech Fees, and Grant Information

NU Foundation Grants Usually due on March 15 each year, but check with Chancellor's Office for any changes.

Faculty Developmental Leave Fellowships (i.e. Sabbatical Leave). October 1, applications due to the chair; November 1, these due to the Dean; November 15, these due to the SVCAA.

NSS Travel Committee Information Applications usually due to the committee in mid to late September each year for travel the previous summer and the current Fall semester. Applications usually due to the committee in late January each year for travel the current Spring or the coming summer. Please refer to communication sent from the Travel Committee at the beginning of each semester for specific dates.

Lab Fees. Due November 8 each year.

Student Technology Fee Proposals (Call for proposals goes to the Faculty on August 15 each year. Proposals are submitted to individual Department Chairs and are due to the Dean by October 1 for Fall and March 1 for Spring each year)

Technology Fee Requests. These are due on varying dates each semester. Please be on the look out for e-mails from the Dean's Office as to the exact due dates each semester and each year for these requests.

Departmental Resources

New Faculty Hire Checklist

Reassigned Time Form

Students Traveling Off Campus Form

Student Event Fees. These are requested on a weekly basis.