But first, why an MBA?

Consider seeking an MBA as an investment.  Your investment is in terms of not only money but also of your time, and effort. So, like all investments, you want to think in terms of returns. The returns of earning an MBA degree are both tangible (increased life time earnings) and intangible (value to your employer, achieving your career goals, professional growth, personal growth, greater career mobility, etc.).  An MBA is a portable qualification which can increase your employability if you need to find a new job, a new career, change industries, or the likelihood of your climbing the management ladder in your current employment .  

An MBA program should enable you to:

  • Gain new knowledge and skills. An MBA curriculum focuses on general business concepts and skills from across all the key disciplines. But equally important it should give students the opportunity to apply this knowledge to current business situations through hands-on relevant experiences.
  • Improve upon and develop new skills. These include both hard (quantitative) skills such as in specific business disciplines – economics, finance, marketing, operations and management, and soft skills such as leadership, teamwork, ethics, and communication skills.
  • Learn from knowledgeable faculty. The program should have a diverse group of faculty with knowledge and experience in not only their respective areas of expertise but also in the present-day concerns and issues facing businesses in the global economy.
  • Be respected. A program that is accredited by AACSB International (Association to advance Collegiate Schools of Business) enhances respectability and credibility of the program. AACSB accredited schools have a rigorous set of quality standards.

MBA pays  back - a lot! 

An MBA degree increases salary by over 20%, reduces probability of unemployment by more than 36%, compared to having Bachelor's degree.

Lifetime Earnings     Education Pays

Why an MBA at UNK?

In addition to the usual blah-blah-blah, what should a student expect in our MBA Program? 

Expectation #1 – Expect a Very Supportive Environment
AACSB-accredited MBA programs that embrace a high-touch learning environment such as ours have good support systems for students. In our program you can utilize these support services in a jiffy, whether it is the MBA office staff, the Library, or the MBA faculty. Conversations with our support personnel will address your concerns more efficiently and effectively.  When you got stressed out, they’ll calm you. They get to know you better and become capable of giving you honest and fair advice. They can advise you about job openings, career growth opportunities, and professional development avenues that will be just right for you.

Not so in pure online programs.

Expectation #2 – Expect Not to Be a Lone Ranger
The honest truth is that it is no fun to be alone. Interacting with fellow students, at least once a month, adds additional learning opportunities, not speak of the opportunities to develop networks and long standing professional friendships. You all work together (not for each other!) to help each other succeed. Fellow learners prime each other to do their best, and help each other out in learning content materials. You will come to see that you can accomplish more together than as individuals and work together and understand that each person has brings unique strengths to the class and the program. They are all helping you learn, grow and succeed. They become your fellow tutors! Learning becomes a team sport!

Not so in fully online programs.

Expectation #3 – Expect the Faculty to want You to Succeed
There is A LOT to do, on time, in our MBA program. Students also have lives outside the classroom – family, jobs, community work, etc. - and we understand that.  So, you have to expect to learn to prioritize to succeed while still having a good time. Pursuing an MBA is no different than a 40 hr. a week job, or a second job. We get it! So, we try our darnedest to keep you on schedule and make it hard for you to procrastinate in your academic work.

Not so in passive online programs.

Expectation #4 – Expect an Attractive Cost-Benefit Ratio 
In a recent survey of online MBA programs, the average cost of a 2-year regionally-accredited online MBA was found to be close to $40,000, and higher for an AACSB-accredited program. Compare that to UNK's tuition! The tuition for our MBA program are among the most affordable at less than $10,000 (less than $20,000 for non-Nebraska residents). Including fees and textbooks, it is still substantially less than $40,000.  And there are opportunities for full-time MBA students to apply for Graduate Assistantships which pays for some or all of the tuition.. 

Which program is likely to have a better return on your investment? The answer is a no-brainer!

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