Pursuing an MBA is an important investment decision; it is an investment in yourself and in your future. Approach the financing of your MBA with a long-term vision. Consider your returns on the investment in the contexts of your personal and professional goals, and the added value of an MBA. Financing options usually include personal resources, educational loans, external grants, graduate/teaching assistantships etc.

Explore the types of Financial Aid available to help you pursue your MBA at UNK:

  • Grants, Scholarships, and Fellowships: Peterson's Guide to Graduate and Professional Programs is an excellent resource.
  • Loans: Contact UNK’s Financial Aid office for advice and reliable sources of financial aid. International students are rarely eligible for these.
  • Graduate Assistantships (In the search box, enter "Graduate Assistant" to narrow down your search results).  Only fully admitted graduate students who intend to be full-time students (take 6 graduate hours per semester) are eligible to apply for Graduate Assistantships. Provisionally admitted Pre-MBA are not eligible to apply for these openings. These positions are limited and highly competitive. High GRE/GMAT scores, a high level of English proficiency, and a high GPA increase the odds of getting an assistantship.  Graduate assistantships generally pay for 6 hours of graduate-tuition per semester plus some living expenses and expect the student to work for 20 hours per week in the institution. Visit Graduate Assistantship Online Application Info under Student Resources for the institution's expectations from graduate assistants.

Additional on-campus employment opportunities may be available.