Mathematics & Statistics

Mathematics and Statistics

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at UNK offers undergraduate degree programs in Mathematics and Mathematics Education. We are committed to delivering high-quality undergraduate programs. Our education majors enjoy good employment opportunities in Nebraska, and our non-education majors have found interesting careers in computer programming, actuarial science, the mutual fund and financial industries, and administration. To learn more about our programs of study, read the on-line catalog or contact the department. If you are visiting the UNK campus, please call us at 865-8531; we'll be pleased to meet with you. 

The department has an active chapter of the national mathematics honorary Kappa Mu Epsilon. At UNK, Kappa Mu Epsilon is a student-centered organization that sponsors talks and promotes mathematics and learning on campus. Dr. Katherine Kime is the faculty adviser. Additionally, the department sponsors the Math Club that is open to all UNK students. The Club has hosted March 14th Pi Day activities and has organized math activities in local public schools. Dr. Pari Ford and Ms. Sorensen are the faculty advisers to the Math Club. 

The Central Nebraska Math Teachers' Circle is an opportunity for middle-level teachers, mathematicians, and math educators to get together and work on some fun math. For information about the Math Teachers' Circle, contact Dr. Ford at 865-8553 or visit the Math Teachers' Circle page. 

To learn of employment opportunities in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, visit the page Employment Opportunities .


  Dr. Syed Hossain 
  Dr. Lutfi Lutfiyya
  Dr. Barton Willis 

Associate Professors
  Dr.  Katherine Kime 
  Dr. Donald Niemann 

Assistant Professors
   Dr. Pari Ford
   Dr. Nickolas Hein
   Dr. Amy Nebesniak
   Dr. Jacob Weiss   


Senior Lecturers  

  Ms. Margaret Michener 
  Ms. Patty Reifenrath.
  Ms. Kaye Sorensen


   Ms. Julieta Johnston  


  Mr. Maury May

Office Associate

   Ashley Mitchell