Management Emphasis

 All organizations have managers at every level to provide the necessary direction to help the business succeed. No matter what the goals of an organization, solving problems and adapting to change requires familiarity with fundamental managerial functions. As a UNK management major you may begin your career in an entry level position in accounting, finance, human resources, production, or marketing. Managers must be skilled in identifying opportunities, using a firm's resources, organizing and controlling information, selecting and motivating people, making decisions, achieving defined objectives, and evaluating results.  Upon completing the program, students are prepared for positions as management trainee, supervisor, administrator, or other entry level positions.  

After proving your abilities, the opportunities for advancement are unlimited. The advancement in a managerial position depends on training, talent for working with people, and effort. Working with people is a primary focus of management; consequently, good written and oral communications skills are essential to success. 

Management Courses   

Business Internships  
UNK students also have the opportunity to learn through business internships with regional companies.
Below are a few of the organizations that UNK Management students have completed their internships: 


Holiday Inn 

Wal-Mart MGT Training Program                              

Century 21 Midlands 

Baldwin Finters 

Kearney Eye Association 

The Buckle, Distribution Center 

Continental Grain 

Walt Disney World 

West Company 

Wells Fargo Financial 


Cash-Wa Distributing 

Kearney Area Community Foundation        

Mernard MGT Training 


Good Samaritan Hospital 

Viaero Event Center 

Old Navy 

TierOne Bank 

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