Student Organizations

The Industrial Technology Department sponsors five student organizations that support the Aviation Systems Management, Construction Management, Industrial Distribution, and Information Networking and Telecommunications programs. The Construction Management Organization, Industrial Distribution Organization, Information Networking and Telecommunications Organization, Alpha Eta Rho and Epsilon Pi Tau offer many opportunities for student interaction, the development of a positive self-image, the application of technology through community service activities, and the development of leadership abilities.

These five student organizations offer benefits to the faculty member as well as the student. Students are provided opportunities for travel to professional conferences and the opportunity to relate class activities to national competitive events. Students participating in student organizations are provided an opportunity to interact with faculty members outside the classroom, creating a relationship which helps to enhance the educational process. If you are interested in joining one of the five student organizations sponsored by the Industrial Technology Department please drop by the office located in room 132 of the Otto Olsen Building for more information.