Networking & Telecommunications

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What is INT?

INT is about designing, building and managing the infrastructure, connections and devices that deliver internet-based technology and information.

Information networking and telecommunications is an IT degree that gives students career paths in information technology on both the business and technical sides. Smart homes, smart phones, cybersecurity, and data centers require INT professionals to make things work.

You need to "think like a hacker," and this is what you’ll learn in INT.

Healthcare, government agencies and private companies need INT professionals to lead them in the best ways to secure and protect their data.

You also need, and will learn, IT leadership and professional skills.

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New STEM building - coming fall 2019!

As we move to a new STEM building in fall 2019, the INT program will be merging with the Computer Science and IT department & MIS program into a new Cyber Systems department. This provides a huge benefit for you, the student, as all cyber programs will be in one place. 

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What do INT professionals do?

  • Manage web servers
  • Analyze and configure systems to fend off hackers
  • Link employees in your company to wireless
  • Manage outers and switches in a data center
  • Implement services like YouTube or Gmail
  • Help a business interconnect to resources 
  • Set up and manage an organization’s voice network (videoconferencing, VoIP, telephony, unified messaging) 
  • Lead a company in best security practices
  • Manage an IT team

You’ll determine and design the best equipment, devices, interconnectivity and structure to support the technology requirements of a company.

What jobs are there in INT?

What jobs are there in INT?

The INT field is growing. According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, the fastest growing occupations from 2012 to 2022 include:

  • Information security analysts
  • Network systems and data communication analysts
  • Network and computer systems administrators
  • Cyberoperations and cybersecurity specialists

UNK’s bachelor’s degree in INT is a mix of technical and managerial content that gives students an edge in the information technology world. In our program, there is no computer programming, just networking.

Majoring in INT may be right for you if…

You have ever networked your friends’ X-boxes together, hooked up your family’s home theater system, or helped someone with their computer networks. You like to tackle complicated challenges by identifying the problems and creating innovative, simple solutions for them.

Learn Management:

  • Information networking and telecommunications literacy
  • Project management
  • Leadership and management
  • Information networking law and public policy
  • Trends and Issues
  • Internship

Learn Technical Skills:

  • Electricity/Electronics
  • LAN/WAN Network Design
  • Switching & Routing
  • Network Security & Identity Management
  • Telephony & VoIP
  • Internship

Prospective Students:

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