Mahmoud Shakouri

Construction Management, Assistant Professor

Office: OTOL 132F   |    Phone: (308) 865-8688   |    Email:

Mahmoud Shakouri


Oregon State University, Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (2017)

Louisiana State University, M.S. in Industrial Engineering (2014)

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, M.S. in Construction Management (2012)

Azad University of Tehran, B.S. in Architectural Engineering (2008)

Teaching Experience

ITEC 205, Virtual Design & Construction

ITEC 230, Statics and Strength of Materials

ITEC 240, Construction Materials & Methods

ITEC 341, Mechanical & Electrical System

ITEC 398, Advanced Virtual Design and Construction

ITEC 360, Building Codes and Inspections

Research Interests

  • Concrete durability and infrastructure sustainability
  • Reliability, risk and life cycle analysis
  • Decision making under uncertainty
  • Renewable energy management


  • Shakouri, M., Trejo, D. (2017). Estimating the critical chloride threshold of reinforcing steel in concrete using a hierarchical Bayesian model. Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructures. (In review)
  • Trejo, D., Shakouri, M., Vaddey, N. P. (2017) Quantifying the binding capacity of cementitious systems containing admixed chlorides. ACI Journal of Materials. (In process)
  • Vaddey, N. P., Shakouri, M., Trejo, D. (2017) Predictive models for chloride test results of cementitious systems. ACI Journal of Materials.  (In process)
  • Shakouri, M., Ikuma, H. L., Aghazadeh, F., Nahmens, I. (2017). Analysis of the sensitivity of heart rate variability and subjective workload measures in a driving simulator: the case of highway work zones. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, (In review)


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