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Industrial Technology

ITEC Internships

A twelve credit hour internship (equivalent to 480 contact hours of work) is required for all Construction Management, Industrial Distribution, and Information Networking and Telecommunications students. Please select the flyer below based upon the degree program for degree specific information and requirements.

Thank you for your interest in the Industrial Technology Internship Program. If you have questions, please contact Brenda Jochum, Internship Director at 308-865-8122 or email jochumb@unk.edu.

Common Questions Asked by Companies Developing an Internship Program:

What is the best way to promote our company to UNK students?

Successful recruiting by companies is strongly tied to our Career Fairs (Fall & Spring). These are our "big events" where students focus their energies on learning about career and internship opportunities available to them and companies showcase what they have to offer.

Are there minimum or maximum number of internships we can offer?


Does the Training Plan have to be done individually for each student or can we have a generic one with the Objectives already developed?

It works most effectively if the company sets objectives for the experience and then the student can tailor their training plan based upon those objectives. The objectives of the company are not always exactly the same as what the student sets as goals for their experience. Of course they are basically the same, but the emphasis may be different. Students are required to write all goals utilizing the SMART concept (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and trackable) as well as define specific activities in which to achieve these goals. With all that being said, a company established training plan could indeed be generic enough yet applicable enough to what is required by the student to submit. You can submit something to me in advance if you'd like me to look it over and provide feedback.

Is the student required to complete their journal entries during work hours or is it to be done after work?

It is a nice gesture to allow the student to complete the journal and respond to other students at work in the event they do not have a computer or Internet capabilities in their temporary housing situation (i.e. a summer internship). Payment during this time would be up to the company.

Would we see the student's evaluations?

Student evaluations are not shared unless they opt to do so. However, we are considering adding another component where the student would evaluate the site -- dissemination of this information is uncertain at this time.

What does the company need to submit to UNK prior to starting the internship program?

You may submit an advertisement of the position online. It is sent to Brenda Jochum, Internship Director for review and then posted to the website. Feel free to contact Brenda Jochum at 308-865-8122 or jochumb@unk.edu if you have additional questions.