About Industrial Distribution

Preparation for Careers

UNK’s Industrial Distribution degree program prepares students for careers in technical sales and for future business leadership roles. Course offerings provide students with professional, technical, business, communication, and leadership competencies.

Real World Experiences

A summer internship is required of all Industrial Distribution students at UNK. Internships provide students with the opportunity to apply skills learned in the classroom and laboratories and to the ability to experience the industry first hand. Permanent job offers are often the result. Internships are completed both locally and throughout the United States.

The growing list of companies that continue to support the UNK Industrial Distribution students now exceeds more than 130 companies nationwide.

Every company has it’s own culture.

This includes traditions, self image, and a specific ways of doing things. When a company representative or recruiter seeks out to find new hires, they look for people who can add to that culture – not take away from it. For example, a company that sells machine tools wants us to understand that in his company, it’s a coat-and-tie business. Also they won’t hire tobacco users. They want to portray an image of being a clean-cut professional company to do business with.

Looks – You have 4 seconds. A corporate image consultant recently wrote a book in which she claims you only have 4 seconds in which to make a positive image. Dress and personal appearance are critical. If you want to dress like a clown, then join the circus. If you want to smell like a pig, then work with them.

Behaviors – Verbal and non-verbal behaviors are those things you say or do, that cause positive and/or negative reactions from others. Improve your speech and the ability to carry on an intelligent conversation. Ask your friends and family to point out your annoying mannerisms. Better your family and friends than a company recruiter!

Knowledge – Relevant knowledge is power. Not all knowledge comes from school. A great source of knowledge is from seeing and doing things that are interesting and fun. Much knowledge can come from just “hanging out” with the “right people.” Always hang out with the “right people.” They are the ones who will help you in the future.

Skills – Learn how to do things of a technical nature: draw something technical, wire up something, machine or weld something, put something complex together, repair something, etc. It’s a great indicator of a technical and mechanical aptitude and interest and critical information recruiters look for in all six occupational categories.

Experience – Work experiences are critical. Any and all have value. Get some technical sales experience. The internship is of SUPREME VALUE when interviewing for a job.