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Internship Information

The internship is 12 full weeks, working full-time (with Memorial Day and Fourth of July off).  Interns must work at least 460 hours during the 12 weeks, many will work more.  Interns may work longer, but on-site academic requirements must be fulfilled in the 12 week period.  There are 15 weeks during the summer time frame. 


Academic Assignments requiring company input or completion (all are responsibility of the intern)

Company Profile Due at the end of Week 1
Training Plan Due at the end of Week 2
Project Charter Due at the end of Week 4
Midterm Evaluation Due at the end of Week 6
Video Conferences Early June & Early July
Follow-Up Call / Site Visit Scheduled during Week 7-11
Final Evaluation Due at the end of Week 12
Final Presentation Students will be taking photos and gathering information during their experience.

The resources above contain information needed for internships. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Brenda Jochum, Internship Director @ or 308.865.8122.

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