International Studies is an interdisciplinary program, exploring ever-changing paradigms, built around a core of courses illustrating the interdependency created by social, economic, and political conditions.  Students with a degree in International Studies will display an understanding of the powerful forces that define global issues from a variety of perspectives in society including (but not limited to):  business, communications, culture, society and health issues, politics, and science.  Demonstrating the skills needed to function in the global environment and interpret world events, they will also exhibit an appreciation for and sensitivity to diverse cultures and values. rooftops

Study abroad is strongly encouraged. UNK has extensive exchange relationships and other opportunities abroad. The Office of International Education will help you with placement. As the world becomes more interdependent, there is a growing need for specialists who can work and live successfully in an ever increasingly complex global environment. A major in International Studies, coupled with studies abroad, prepares you to live in such a world, a world not of one variable but of multiple perspectives.

After completing the B.A. in International Studies, students have a wide variety of opportunities. Many opportunities exist in government, including the Foreign Service, other branches of the State Department, the United States Information Agency, the Agency for International Development, the Department of Defense, the Peace Corps, other federal agencies, NGOs and various offices of state and local government that face problems of a growing multicultural and international society. Increasingly, as we become a more interdependent global society, the private sector also recognizes the merit and the need of an international studies degree, instead of a more technically specialized business degree.

manUpon completion of the B.A., many students enter international studies programs at the graduate level for more intensive work in the field. Other students choose professional programs such as business, law or journalism, in preparation for a specific international career.