Program Details

International Studies Major – Requirements

New students - see also the major requirements in the current undergraduate catalog.  

Continuing students - refer to the appropriate UNK catalog for specific area requirements. (Navigate to catalog, select "programs" in menu bar, and scroll to "International Studies Bachelor of Arts.") 

Through a combination of the required courses, well-selected electives, the study of a foreign language, and, if possible, study abroad, you will prepare to meet the challenges of this century. The major in International Studies will challenge your existing paradigms and help you develop an understanding of the complexities of the world.  

  1. Required Core Courses – 12 hours
    INTS 200GS, Introduction to International Studies – 3 hrs
    GEOG 104GS, World Regional Geography – 3 hrs
    INTS 496, Senior Seminar in International Studies – 3 hrs
    One course above 201 in student's non-native language – 3 hrs   
  2. International Studies Electives
    (24 hours required, 18 must be upper division hours)

    Students Select one thematic and one area studies option with their advisor.

    Thematic Options: 12-15 hours
    Global Society and Politics
    Global Culture, Identities, and the Arts
    Global Economics, Trade, and Development

    Area Studies Options: 9-12 hours
    Latin America
    Non-Western World

    The required electives permit students to design a course of study around their interests and career plans giving students the flexibility to tailor a large portion of their major in area studies, foreign policy, regional development, perspectives, and personal interests. These hours permit students the opportunity to study one aspect of international studies at an advanced level with the Director of International Studies.  

  3. Foreign Language
    All majors in International Studies must possess a proficiency in a second language. Proficiency is defined as one course beyond the 201 level in a modern foreign language in the student’s non-native language.    
  4. Study Abroad (optional)
    Study abroad is not required but is highly recommended. UNK offers many study abroad programs and we can find a program that will fit your needs and interests. If you are planning a career in the international arena, you need to seriously consider study abroad for a minimum of one semester. Be sure to discuss this option with your academic adviser.  If you prefer an international experience outside of the classroom, international internships and international service learning programs are also available. For more information visit the Study Abroad website. 

Minor in International Studies

A  minor is also available to complement any major.   The 9 hour core is INTS200, GEOG104,  and one course above 201 in the student’s non-native language.  Students who choose a BS degree may substitute an upper division elective for the foreign language class.   Six hours will be selected from PSCI168, SOC225, ENG253, or ECON100, 270, or 271.  The remaining 9 hours  will be selected from a wide variety of upper division area and thematic coursework.