Athletic Training Mission Statement & Program Goals

Mission Statement 

The mission of the University of Nebraska at Kearney Athletic Training Education Program (UNK-ATEP) is to prepare undergraduate students for careers in sports medicine as certified athletic trainers. As a result of their exposure to and participation in the didactic and clinical education program, each student shall develop proficiency in:

  • Prevention of athletic injuries and illnesses
  • Recognition, evaluation, and assessment of athletic injuries and illnesses
  • Immediate care of injuries
  • Treatment, rehabilitation, reconditioning of athletic injuries and illnesses
  • Health care administration in athletic health care setting
  • Education and counseling of student-athletes with athletic injuries and illnesses
  • Written and oral communication
  • Critical thinking and problem solving

In order to prepare certified athletic trainers who will be effective health care professionals in a changing world, the UNK-ATEP shall insure that its students master the entry-level proficiencies in the context of a liberal arts education that prepares students who: (1) Recognize that their patients are spiritual beings whose needs transcend their physical complaints, (2) Understand the historical context of the discipline and its place in the health care system, and (3) Possess a personal philosophy consistent with the values required to improve health care in general and the profession of athletic training.

Program Goals/Objectives

  1. To foster an appreciation among UNK students and athletes for the athletic training profession as a contribution to sports medicine and athletics.
  2. To prepare high quality athletic trainers and teacher-athletic trainers for employment in high schools, colleges/ universities, professional sports programs, clinics, and other health care agencies.
  3. To prepare athletic training students to successfully complete the Board of Certification exam by offering a high quality educational experience that includes an effective blend of didactic & clinical instruction as well as a wide variety of practical experiences.
  4. To provide an opportunity for each student to develop optimal skills as specified in the Athletic Training Educational Competencies.
  5. To provide all students the opportunity to develop their skills with injuries of the Upper Body & Lower Body, General Medical Conditions and with Sports that are of an Equipment Intensive nature.
  6. To continually determine the reliability and validity of athletic training course content and athletic training clinical experiences.
  7. To promote professional and ethical conduct at all times and adhere to the NATA Code of Ethics.
  8. To promote the concept of keeping abreast of new developments and exchange of ideas through attendance of professional and educational meetings.
  9. Maintain all aspects of the academic program so as to stay in compliance with CAATE Standards.