Honors Program

Sample Honors Senior Studies

The following are sample Honors Senior Study titles, departments, and course numbers of actual Honors Senior Studies done by UNK Honors students in the 2013-2014 academic year.  They are in order by college.

College of Business & Technology
“Disciplinary Actions and the Shaping of Professionalism: An Analysis of the Big Four Firms”
Michael Florance/BSAD/Summer Student Research Program
Dr. Laurie Swinney

“IFRS and its Impact on Reported Working Capital”
Jordan Rehnstrom/BFIN/Summer Student Research Program
Dr. Laurie Swinney

“Sport Consumption Among Elders: Elder Interview with Judy Harmon”
Hannah Harmon/FSID 450H-01
Dr. Toni Hill

“Morality and Capitalism”
Andrew Broadfoot/ECON 388H
Dr. Allan Jenkins

“Cockpit Automation”
Christina Ritz/BSAD/Aviation
Mr. Terry Gibbs/Mr. Stephen Amundsen

College of Education
“Concussions in Football”
Cory Foote/PE
Dr. Nita Unruh

"A Cumulative Study in Math Education”
Kelan Schumacher/TE 400H
Dr. Pari Ford

“The Achievement Gap in Mathematics” A Survey of Midwest Teachers of Diversity”
Laura Brockhaus/ED/Summer Student Research Program
Dr. Jane Strawhecker

“Kinect ™ Zumba Fitness Compared to Zumba Fitness With a Human Instructor for Physical Activity”
Bridgette Schneekloth/Exercise Science/Summer Student Research Program
Dr. Gregory Brown

“Honors Senior Study: Student Teaching/Elementary Education”
KateLyn Crowell/TE 400H
Dr. Jane Ziebarth-Bovill

College of Fine Arts and Humanities

“A Comparative Analysis of Foreign Language Teaching Strategies in American and Peruvian Schools”
Mary Stuart/SPAN Ed/Summer Student Research Program
Dr. Chris Jochum

“The ABCs of Shadow of a Doubt”
Nathan Sousek/English 374H
Dr. Sam Umland

“Differences and Similarities in the Compositional Styles of Gustav Holst and Ralph Vaughan Williams as Applied to the Trombone Section in Wind Band Literature”
Jonathan Hunzeker/Music 460H
Dr. Seth Fletcher

“Critical Perspectives: The Mona Lisa: Context of a Renaissance Painting”
Emily Slattery/ ART 425H
Mr. Mark Hartman

“Collegiate Greek Leadership Influences on Professional Success”
Brandon Drozd/SPCH COMM/UNK Undergraduate Research Program
Dr. Amber Messersmith

College of Natural and Social Sciences

“The Effects of Mitigating Factors on the Relationship between Socioeconomic Status and Children’s Academic Success”
Claire Tolstedt/SOWK/Summer Student Research Program
Dr. Jody Van Laningham

“Teenage Pregnancy: Its Moral and Social Development as a Deviant Label”
Maria Rojas/SOC 461H
Dr. Daryl Kelley

 “Carrying On: The Wartime Experiences of One Nebraska Family”
Megan Veburg/HIST/Summer Student Research Program
Dr. Vernon Volpe

“A GIScience Market Area Analysis and Socio-Demographic Profile of Omaha Health Care Clinic Customers”
Nicolas Stoll/GEOG 416H
Dr. Paul Burger

“UNK RadNet Protocol and Data Analysis”
Joshua Moravec/PHYSICS
Dr. Kenneth Trantham

The diversity of these particular sample Senior Studies reveals the diversity of interests among Honors students, as well as the diversity of majors. Most of these Honors Senior Studies were rated “Exemplary” in all categories, with few exceptions. Most Honors students find that this third and final level of UNK Honors Program coursework to be the most rewarding, interesting, and useful college work they do. This final Honors Senior Study is a true capstone to the UNK Honors student’s college career.