Honors Program

Sample Honors Senior Studies

The following are sample Honors Senior Study titles, departments, and course numbers of actual Honors Senior Studies done by UNK Honors students in the 2012-2013 academic year.  They are in order by college.

College of Business and Technology 

FIN 480H - “’Creating and Analyzing a Stock Portfolio” - Spring 2013

ECON 485H - “Gambling Across the Border: How Much Does it Cost in Taxes?" - Spring 2013

ECON 410H - “Rural Physician Recruitment and Retention Programs” - Fall 2012

ECON 485H - “Money and Knowledge: The Legal and Economic Perspectives of Education” - Fall 2012

MGT - “Dietz Wind Generation: A Feasibility Study” - Fall 2012 

College of Education

PE 474H - “Zumba: Fitness, Fun, or Both?” - Fall 2012

PE - “Wii, Kinect, & Move: Heart Rate, Oxygen Consumption, and Ventilation Due to Different Physically Active Video Game Systems in College Students” - Spring 2013

CDIS 420H - “Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students: Unbiased Assessment and Diagnosis” - Fall 2012

PE - “Experiencing Behind the Scenes of Collegiate Athletics” - Summer 2012

TE 400H - “Discovering My “Teacher Self” - Spring 2013

College of Fine Arts and Humanities 

ART 499H - “A Study of Subjective and Objective Aspects of Artistic Inspiration for the Purpose of Revealing Objective Truth through Beauty” - Spring 2013

TE 400H - “Student Teaching Portfolio” - Fall 2012

ENG 499H - “The Odyssey: Justice as a Central Theme Throughout the Epic” - Spring 2013

PHIL 499H - “Vocation and the Individual” - Spring 2013

ENG 436H - “Nethermost Iago” - Spring 2013 

College of Natural and Social Sciences

PSY 499H - “Motivations Behind Academic Dishonesty Among College Students” - Spring 2013

HIST 463H - “Growing Pains: Tale of India and Pakistan’s Violent Partition” - Fall 2012

CSIS 494H - “Use Assessment of Aviation Records Management System: System Features, Usefulness, and Ease of Use” - Spring 2013

CHEM 499H - “Solar Energy and Nanoscience Research Group: Synthesis Of Absorber Layer Materials in 2nd Generation and Earth-Abundant Solar Cell Devices” - Fall 2012

PSCI 489H - “Rational Choice and Drug Cartels: A Case Study of Mexico’s Trinity: Calderon’s Drug War Policies, La Familia Drug Cartel and the Mexican Society” - Fall 2012

The diversity of these particular sample Senior Studies reveals the diversity of interests among Honors students, as well as the diversity of majors. Most of these Honors Senior Studies were rated “Exemplary” in all categories, with few exceptions. Most Honors students find that this third and final level of UNK Honors Program coursework to be the most rewarding, interesting, and useful college work they do. This final Honors Senior Study is a true capstone to the UNK Honors student’s college career.