Study Abroad

The University of College Roosevelt 

During the Spring semester of 2008, the UNK Honors Program began an exclusive exchange program with the University College Roosevelt in Middelburg, Netherlands. The University College Roosevelt (UCR) is the new International Honors College in the Netherlands. Founded in 2004 by Utrecht University, UCR is a small Liberal Arts College that keeps their enrollment at 600 students (400 from the Netherlands and 200 from other countries in Europe and around the world). The faculty is renowned with degrees from the most prestigious schools in Europe. The exchange is one semester in duration and each student takes four classes or a total of 16 credit hours. All UCR classes are taught in English and all professors and students are fluent in the English language.

Students attending the University College Roosevelt have their own room and live in one of two residential halls. In one hall, there is a kitchen in each room and in the other there is a shared kitchen area. UCR is one of only a handful of schools in Europe that provide housing. Those UNK students selected to attend UCR for a semester pay their tuition and housing to UNK. Expenses not paid to UNK include travel, visa, books, food and entertainment.

Middleburg is a historic seaport town of 49,000 people. Located in the southwest corner of the Netherlands, Middleburg is a tourist town in the summer with a large town square located next to the college campus surrounded by buildings and churches built as early as the 15th century. Shops and restaurants enclose the town square and students meet to visit, shop and relax at this historic location. Large open air markets are held once a week during the growing season to sell all kinds of vegetables, fruits, cheeses, fish and meat. The North Sea is only a few miles from campus. Most students and residents ride their bicycles to the ocean and around town on a regular basis. The bicycle is the major form of transportation in Middleburg. Middleburg is a quaint, safe place with many friendly people that welcome the UCR students each semester.

Generally the exchange program includes 5-6 students per school year. Most Honors students begin the application process one year before they travel to UCR and are selected the semester before they attend UCR. This opportunity to travel to Europe and study at the University College Roosevelt with highly motivated young intellectuals who wish to broaden their horizon, to explore things unknown, and to look beyond what is possible is truly a great educational experience. For more information about the University College Roosevelt please contact Ann Marie Park in the Study Abroad Office or at, as well as the Honors Directors.