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Questions about how to make your ePortfolio should be directed to the Honors Office.

Below is the portfolio chosen as the best senior ePortfolio, put together by Nicole Pauley.


Check out my Honors e-portfolio by clicking through the links.


General Studies Courses:

ENG - 102H Academic Writing and Research

GEOG - 106H Human Geography

PSY - 388H GS Capstone - Science of Fear


BIOL - 406H Plant Ecology - Collected plants from Florida, mounted and identified them to species, and added them to the UNK Herbarium. Also wrote a two page paper comparing the plant ecology of Florida and Nebraska.

BIOL - 474H Mammalogy - Completed a research project on bat night-roosting behavior of Myotis septentrionalis to be published in American Midland Naturalist. Submitted to the journal and currently in review for publication.

BIOL - 435H Herpetology - Wrote two small publications for Herpetological Review. One is a natural history note on a record of a bullfrog eating a bull snake, while the other is a distribution extension for the Northern Painted Turtle in York County, NE.

Research and Creative Activity

-UNK Undergraduate Research Fellows (URF)

  • Fellow, Fall 2015-Present
  • Fall 2017, Added additional calculations and statistics to previous project on pit-borrow lakes, prepared a manuscript for submission to the Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences
  • 2016-2017, Completed individual research project on I-80 pit-borrow lakes and their relationship to wildlife habitat using GIScience
  • 2015-2016, Assisted with GIS research project on site-selection of a retirement community under mentor Dr. Paul Burger


-Biology Student Researcher, Fall 2016 to Present

  • Senior research project in plant phylogenetics under mentorship of Dr. Bryan Drew
  • Examining phylogenetic relationships of the subtribe Nepetinae (Lamiaceae) with a focus on the genus Agastache
  • Includes completing lab work and phylogenetic analyses to determine evolutionary relationships and divergence times of genera within the subtribe


-Research Experience for Undergraduates Intern at Mote Marine Laboratory, May-August 2016

  • Worked in Fisheries Ecology and Enhancement Program
  • Completed individual research project on fish diversity in tidal creeks under the mentorship of Dr. Ryan Schloesser (941-388-4441, Ext. 407)
  • Seine netted and identified fish in creeks for project, analyzed data in R software


-Lab Assistant UNK, October 2014 to Present

  • Assist fisheries biology graduate students with projects on Yellow Perch, Bluegill, and White Bass
  • Extracted, mounted, cut, and polished otoliths for analysis, processed vegetation and macroinvertebrate samples, assisted with boat electrofishing

Community Service

-Kearney High School, Fall 2017 - Volunteer as an assistant coach for the high school swim and dive team

-UNK Sustainability Committee, Fall 2017 - Pick up compost weekly from Brewed Awakening for the community garden/compost

-UNK Sustainability Committee, Fall 2017 - Participated in trash pickup in Pioneer Park Neighborhood

-The Nature Conservancy, Fall 2016 - Removed invasive tree species from native prairies utilizing hand tools and herbicides

-The Big Event, 2016 & 2017 - Completed yard-work for elderly Kearney citizens

-UNK Campus Kitchens, 2016 & 2017 - Helped prepare meals for elderly and low income citizens in the Kearney community

-NE Game and Parks, November 2015 - Helped with deer check-in on opening weekend, and took measurements of buck antlers for an ongoing study on accurately aging deer


-Vice President of the UNK Wildlife Society, 2016-17

-Executive member of the UNK Sustainability Committee, 2017-present

Honors Events

I have attended various events put on by HSAB including the Finals Week Pancake Feed, Caramel Apple Bar, and different Study Nights.