UNK History Department Mission Statement

The Department of History provides instruction, research, and service functions to students, the Kearney community and citizens in the State of Nebraska and beyond.

The History Department plays a primary role in introducing students to the values associated with an educated citizenry. Specifically, the department strives:

  1. To stimulate intellectual curiosity and to encourage habits of critical thinking.
  2. To cultivate the values of intellectual humility, tolerance, and human community.
  3. To promote an understanding and appreciation of the history of the peoples and cultures.
  4. To identify and pass on to students of history the values of democratic societies based on our heritage of political freedom and representative institutions.
  5. To develop an understanding and appreciation of the pluralistic nature of American society and of the contributions of the varied ethnic and racial groups in our past.
  6. To train students in the use of the historical method in the solution of problems.
  7. To help students learn about themselves and their relationship to the rest of the world.
  8. To introduce students to different methods of organizing information, thoughts and ideas.
  9. To develop students' communication skills, particularly by providing students with writing experiences in all History classes.
  10. To develop in students a commitment to the pursuit of knowledge.