Careers in History

An undergraduate history degree opens the door to multiple career paths. Employers value our graduates’ abilities to think critically, interpret evidence, and communicate effectively. By thinking historically, they contribute to the success of their own companies, schools, and departments.

Our graduates have applied the tools of a history degree in a variety of professions across the country. They work as public school teachers in social studies programs, professors at colleges and universities, editors for publishers, and archivists and curators at historical societies and museums. Some of our graduates are pursuing advanced degrees in the fields of history, education, business, and law. Still others have forged accomplished careers in the corporate and legal worlds.

For all of these alumni, a history degree from the University of Nebraska at Kearney has positioned them for success. 

Ryan Caldwell, Attorney at Caldwell Law, LLC

“Great research and analytical skills are a must have for any good lawyer. The UNK History Department provided top notch training in these and other skills to help me become a lawyer and run my own business.”

Kelli Cavenah, Experience Manager, Girl Scouts

“UNK’s History Department challenged me in the best way possible to explore my passions; I was able to discover topics new to me, partake in internships, present at conferences, and be involved in my community through Phi Alpha Theta. I became a stronger student and a more well-rounded individual through the experiences I had and as a result of the amazing and supportive faculty. This has echoed throughout my career after graduating as I pursued an MA in Museum Studies with an education emphasis. I have since used the solid foundation I built at UNK, fortified by my post-graduate work, to oversee education in a variety of historical settings.”

Cavenah Photo

Roan Howard, History Teacher at Horizon Middle School

“The passion, knowledge and encouragement of my UNK history professors not only prepared me for my career but inspired me to be my best. I am grateful for my experience and would not be the person and educator I am today without them.”

Howard Picture

Cole Kruger, Graduate Teaching Assistant and Ph.D. student in the Department of History at Kansas State University, independent lecturer of HIST 111: World History to 1450 CE and HIST 252: U.S. History since 1877

“Through the UNK History Department I received a History Social Sciences Comprehensive Bachelor of Sciences and a Master’s of Arts in United State History. With the variety of courses offered and excellent faculty guidance, the UNK History Department gave me the knowledge and experience to pursue a Ph.D. in history at Kansas State University, where I also instruct undergraduate classes in modern United States history and world history. Furthermore, UNK’s commitment to instilling its students with the ability to interpret scholarly works, conduct proper research, and to write proficiently has enabled me to flourish in my continued graduate studies and career.”

Amber Lewis, Social Studies Teacher at Kearney High School, Student Council Sponsor & GSA Sponsor

"The education I received from the UNK History Department has undoubtedly been one of the most significant factors in my success as a high school teacher. Earning both undergraduate and graduate degrees in this program helped me develop strong content knowledge, which continues to enrich my classroom every day. The mentorship I received from the professors in the department also taught me the importance of building strong relationships with students. I could not have asked for a better experience in preparing to be an educator and would highly recommend UNK's History Department to anyone who wants to have a career in education."

Liz Rauert, Associate Attorney

“I credit UNK’s History Department for two life-changing things: introducing me to my husband and enriching my career.  After five years serving as in-house counsel for a renowned 100 year-old nonprofit, I can say without a doubt that understanding and appreciating my company’s history is deeply useful in my day-to-day duties—and bonus—personally satisfying!”

Jake Redman, Social Studies Teacher, Grand Island Senior High

"The UNK history department has helped me greatly in my profession as a teacher by consistently showing me what happens in a classroom that is driven by curiosity and collaboration. All of my history professors at UNK challenged me every day to think in new ways and develop original ideas which has in return helped me create an original experience for students in my own classroom." 

Jacob Redman

Heather Stauffer, Associate Acquisitions Editor, University of Nebraska Press

"I am very thankful for the time and energy the History Department dedicated to helping me better understand the past’s influence on the present, especially on the Great Plains.  Equally important, the faculty and my fellow students continue to inform, enrich, and encourage my career in academic publishing."

Stauffer Photo

Pam Thindwa, Program Assistant, International Markets Division, Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology, Government of British Columbia

“I am currently located in Vancouver, Canada, and employed in the International Markets Division of the Government of British Columbia’s Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology. Our mandate is to support the province’s economic development with an international platform. The History Department at UNK equipped me with strong writing and analytical skills that not only prepared me for graduate school but also enable me to succeed in my current role. I am most appreciative of the support I received from the faculty and staff in the department—I remain in touch with my advisor and still seek career (and life) advice from my first professional mentor.” 

Thindwa Photo