Public History Outreach and Community Collaboration

Public and digital history students have a number of opportunities to collaborate with UNK's partners in the Kearney Community. For online students, taking public and digital history courses allows students the opportunity to work with institutions such as museums, national parks, and archives.

The Buffalo County Historical Society plays an important role in the UNK History Department's digital history project, Historic Kearney, because of the vast amount of resources offered by BCHS. A number of public and digital history students also complete internships at BCHS, thus gaining practical experience in public history at Kearney's Trails and Rails Museum.   

G.W. Frank Museum of History and Culture, located on the UNK campus, collaborates with the UNK History Department to allow public and digital history students the opportunity to gain experience in the public history profession.  

The Museum of Nebraska Art, or MONA, is located in the former post office for Kearney, Nebraska. Dedicated to exhibiting Nebraska art, the museum offers hands-on workshops, docent-led tours, and artist talks.

The Custer County Historical Society collaborated with UNK for a recent History Harvest, which gave UNK students the opportunity to digitize historic artifacts. 

Humanities Nebraska works to encourage the development and growth of the humanities in Nebraska.

The Center for Great Plains Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln works to promote the study of the people and environment of the Great Plains.

Nebraska's State Historical Society promotes the study and preservation of Nebraska history.