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Several UNK History Department students, alumni, and faculty presented at the 2018 Missouri Valley History Conference/Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference/Society for Military History Conference: 

Broc Anderson (graduate student), “The Cuban Revolution and the Evolution of Public Sphere”
Katherine Anielak (undergraduate student), “Prohibition in Omaha: Its Impact on Business and the Social Sphere”

Michael Berry (graduate student), “Our Schools in Wartime: The WWI Propaganda Campaign in Public Schools and the National Emergency in Education”

Doug Biggs, “The Dinkey and Community Memory: Ames, Iowa State College, and the Ames & College Railroad, 1890-2017”

Christopher Bonin (alumnus), “The Henry Affair of 1812: An Incident on the Road to War”

Clyde Brant (graduate student), “Blessing or Curse: Oil Production in the Second World War”

Mary Cannaday-Anderson (graduate student), “Queen Victoria: Grandmother of Europe”

Lt. Col. Richard Cranford (graduate student), “African American War Correspondents and the Media during World War II”

Laura Enomoto (alumna), “Steamboat Travel: ‘An Unheard of Journey for Females”

Audrey Grant (graduate student), “Trial of the Century: World War II and the Origins of the Nuremberg Trials”

Tracie Grube-Gaurkee (graduate student), “Patriotism, Suffrage, and the First World War”

Kelly Herold (graduate student), “The National Farm Organization in Buffalo County Wisconsin: Violence, Intimidation and Farming in the Dairyland”

Jacob Hillsheim (graduate student), “Sanctuary of Belief and Conscience: The US Supreme Court, Freedom of Speech, and Brandenburg v. Ohio

Roy Koepp, “Rudolf Kanzler and the Paramilitary Movement in Bavaria”

Cannon Marchand (undergraduate student), “The Unarming of Police at Kearney State College”

Megan Maul (undergraduate student), “The Social and Cultural Meaning of Kool-Aid”

Jacob McGinley (graduate student), “Samuel McKelvie and Amending Nebraska”

Andrew McGuire (graduate student), “World War I, Peace Officers and the Minnesota Commission on Public Safety”

Brooke Menke (graduate student), “King Louis XVI, New France and Reconstruction of the French Navy”

Tatiana Moore (undergraduate student), “Sounds of the Kearney Army Airfield”

Kassandra Nelson (alumna), “Emerging from the Shadows: Lending Voice to Steamboat Historian Virginia Burlingame”

Luke Pickelman (graduate student), “Reconsidering the Career of Henry Wallace, 1936-1946”

Megan Rogers (graduate student), “Mrs. Frank and Mrs. Grothan: Women’s History at Historic Sites”

Andrew Soneson (alumnus), “Pete Ellis and the Transformation of the Marine Corps”

Chris Steinke, “River Blockades in the Eighteenth-Century Missouri Fur Trade”

Will Stoutamire, “’Their Old Colored Liza:’ Remembering Race and Domestic Servitude in Kearney Nebraska”

David Vail, Phi Alpha Theta Luncheon Keynote Speaker, “Learning from the Noxious Ones: Exploring the Histories of Insects, Weeds, and other Unsavory Environmental Characters”

Chase Webster (graduate student), “Reimagining and Misremembering: The Evolution of Tithing Doctrine Within Mormonism”

Jeff Wells, “Watson Heston’s Populism and Nativism”


Chris Steinke published "Women in Bullboats: Indigenous Women Navigate the Upper Missouri River" in the October 2017 edition of Ethnohistory.

Chris Steinke presented "Melvin Gilmore, James Owen Dorsey, and the Collection of Indigenous Place Names" at the 2017 Great Plains Symposium.

Jeff Wells presented "Mapping the Reform Press of the Populist Movement, 1886-1910" at the 2017 Great Plains Symposium.

Doug Biggs presented "The Football Controversy at Iowa State College, 1894-1897" as part of the Ames Historical Society Lecture Series.

In March, several UNK faculty presented at the annual Missouri Valley History Conference, including:

Doug Biggs "'About the Only Thing We Remember from Our Sophomore Year is December 7th:' Iowa State College and Pearl Harbor, December 1941 to May 1942"

Roger Davis "Visible, Viable and a "Power Base": The Nebraska Commission on Mexican-Americans "On the Right Track," 1980-1985"

Torsten Homberger "Material Culture and Fascism: Hitler's Storm Troopers, 1921-1933"

Carol Lilly "Criminals, Suicides, and Non-Believers: Moving from Confessional to Secular Cemeteries under Communist Rule in Croatia"

James Rohrer "'The Heart of a Covenanter': The Heroic Image of the Covenanters and the Shaping of Scottish Missionary Identity in the Victorian Era"

Christopher Steinke "The Missouri River Basin Surveys and the Excavation of Ancient Indigenous Homelands"

Jinny Turman "History for the Common Good: A Philosophy for Public History at UNK" (Speaker at Phi Alpha Theta Luncheon)

David Vail "Noxious Memories: Agricultural Uncertainty and the Rise of Weed Science in the Great Plains"

Vernon Volpe "Henry Clay's Great Compromise with Slavery"

Jeff Wells and Jacob Rosdail "Kearney Goes to War: Remembering the Homefront"

Spring 2016

In March, several UNK faculty presented at the annual Missouri Valley History Conference, including:

  • Doug Biggs “A Team of Hired Semi-Professionals? Football at Iowa Agricultural College, 1894-1897"
  • Mark Ellis “Will Omaha Have a Golf Club? The Early Years of Golf in Nebraska"
  • Torsten Homberger “Material Culture and Masculinity: Hitler's Stormtroopers and Image Construction"
  • Roy Koepp “The Limits of Paramilitary Politics: The Case of League Bavaria and Reich"
  • Christopher Steinke "Crossing Reservation Boundaries on the Missouri River, 1829-1889"
  • William Stoutamire "'Every Yard Boasted a Metate': Community Heritage, Preservation, and the Founding of the Museum of Northern Arizona
  • Vernon Volpe “Albert Spalding, Wright & Ditson, Baseball, and the Promotion of American Golf"
  • Jeff Wells “Henry Langford Loucks and the Populist Press"

Fall 2015

Roy Koepp published an article in The Historian titled "Gustav von Kahr and the Emergence of the Radical Right in Bavaria."

Torsten Homberger published an article with Dr. Linda Arthur Bradley in the Canadian Journal of History titled "Recent Work on the History and Culture of Religion and Dress."

Spring 2015

In March, University of Virginia professor Dr. Grace Elizabeth Hale came to UNK to talk about her book, "Making Whiteness: The Culture of Segregation in the South, 1890-1940."

In March, several UNK faculty presented at the annual Missouri Valley History Conference, including:

John Bauer (Geography) “A Reconstruction of 1870s Population Distributions in Nebraska”
Douglas Biggs “’The Laughing Rolling Stock of the State:’ Ames, Iowa State College, and the Ames&College Railway, 1902-1907”
Mark Ellis “Casualties of War: Buffalo County, Nebraska and its World War Two War Dead”
Torsten Homberger “Hamburg’s Nazis and the Brown Shirt”
Roy Koepp “The ‘Munich Soviet’ of 1919 and its Role in the Creation of the Radical Right in Bavaria”
Carol Lilly “What Did They Die For?: Grave Markers From the Wars of Yugoslav Dissolution in Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia-Hercegovina, 1991-1995”
Jinny Turman “Civic Republicanism and Grassroots Action in Lincoln County, West Virginia, 1974-1990”
Vernon Volpe “Henry Clay Confronts Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal: Politics, Principle, or Policy?”
Jeff Wells “Paul Vandervoort and the Dissolution of the People’s Party”

In February, Dr. Peter Gough's work, Sounds of the New Deal: The Federal Music Project in the West, was published by the University of Illinois Press.

Sounds of the New Deal

In February, Dr. Vladimir Polach gave a presentation on Olaf II of Norway.

Polach Presentation

Fall 2014

In November, Dr. Jeff Wells appeared on local news station NTV to promote Digital History at UNK.

In November, the History Department, along with Sociology, English, and Communications, hosted a presentation by Tim Slessor, a retired BBC documentary producer and author of works such as Lying in State and More Than Cowboys.

Tim Slessor

In September, the UNK chapter of Phi Alpha Theta won the 2014 national Best Chapter award.  As a result of this award, PAT will be purchasing new books for the Calvin T. Ryan Library.

Dr. Lilly and award

In August, Dr. Carol Lilly won the Pratt-Heins Foundation Service Award which recognizes her service on Faculty Senate, the General Studies Council, the Women's Studies Council, the Chancellor's Committee on Gender Equality, History Department Chair, Chair of Undergraduate Studies, and as Director of International Studies.


In June Dr. Doug Biggs published Images of America: Ames, written in collaboration with Gloria J. Betcher.  He also wrote an article for the Iowa State University Alumni Association magazine Visions titled "The 1940s: Iowa State and a World at War."

Spring 2014

In March, the History Department was well represented at the Missouri Valley History Conference in Omaha, Nebraska with 2 undergraduate students, 11 graduate students, 3 alumni, and 5 faculty members who all presented their research. Sarah Hoegger won second place in the Phi Alpha Theta graduate papers.

Congratulations to Nate Sullivan, whose article, “The “VARGA GIRL” Trials: The Wartime Struggle between Esquire Magazine & the US Post Office Over the Morality of the Pin-Up,” recently appeared on War History Online. Nate is a Spring 2013 Master of Arts graduate.

Spring 2013

Congratulations to Laura Enomoto, one of our History MA students, for the publication of her article, "WPA Projects in Anaheim, CA During the Great Depression," LUX: A Journal of Transdisciplinary Writing and Research from Claremont Graduate University (March 2013).

In March, the History Department had seven students present their research at the Missouri Valley History Conference in Omaha, Nebraska.

Dr. Barua book cover

Congratulations to Dr. Pradeep Barua for the publication of his new monograph with Brill Academic Publishers.